Full Custom Garage: What Ian Roussel is up to now

Full Custom Garage might have been on a bit of a hiatus, but Ian Roussel has now returned for a brand new season of over-the-top customizations.

There are many different car restoration and customization shows currently on television. But only a few of these shows have been as successful and as informative and educational as Full Custom Garage.

As the name of the show suggests, Full Custom Garage follows the well-known fabricator and DIY-expert, Ian Roussel. Roussel draws from his imagination, or whatever else inspires him, to create one-of-a-kind custom vehicles.

Ian has returned for a new season of Full Custom Garage

Where other automotive restoration programs are often criticized for focusing too much on shop drama or other aspects like the sale, Full Custom Garage has always been jam-packed with enough car building details to make just about any gearhead’s head spin.

Over the years, Ian has tackled everything from a custom-built motorized trike to a vintage house car (and pretty much everything in between).

But now that the show has taken a bit of a hiatus between seasons, fans all across the world have been wondering what happened to the Full Custom Garage leading man.

The good news is that Ian is still doing fine. In fact, Ian recently returned to the MotorTrend platforms for a brand new ninth season of Full Custom Garage.

And when he is not working on new projects for this show, he is probably working on other projects for his successful series on the Full Custom Ian YouTube channel.

All about the new season of Full Custom Garage

The most recent ninth season of Full Custom Garage has now officially returned to the air with new episodes airing every Wednesday at 6 p.m.

This new season is available both on MotorTrend TV and on the MotorTrend+ streaming service.

And if you have not tuned in to watch Ian tackle his new set of projects yet, now would be the perfect time to jump right back into Full Custom Garage, as this season has already aired a few new episodes, as follows:

Episode Initial air date
1. “Is That a Cadillac?” December 13, 2023
2. “The Cheese Biscuit” December 20, 2023
3. “Surfin’ Safari” December 27, 2023
4. “Kicking Up Dust” January 3, 2024
5. “Keep on Truckin’” January 17, 2024
6. “Early Style Hot Rod” January 24, 2024

The new Full Custom Garage location

While Ian is still sporting his signature look on the newest season of Full Custom Garage, keen-eyed fans may recognize that the backdrop of the show has changed in the last few years.

This is because the set of Full Custom Garage, as well as the Full Custom Ian YouTube show, has now moved all the way to the Mojave Desert, where Ian has established his new shop and now lives with his partner, Jamie.

However, it seems like the idyllic Mojave Desert planes are not always as magical as they seem on television, as Ian and Jamie recently dealt with severe flooding on their property and even lost part of their roof during the storms.

Ian’s newest project

If you have been following along with Ian’s various projects on the Full Custom Ian YouTube channel, then you will know that Ian does not take much time off between seasons of Full Custom Garage.

As a result, he has picked up a few ambitious side-projects. This includes a fan-favorite 1968 VW build, which Ian has been working on since June 2023.

This fully-custom Beetle series has followed Ian through every step of the process of one of his most ambitious builds to date.

And what started out as a fairly unassuming red classic has now turned into a space-age construction with flipped doors and a revamped interior.

Ian’s plans for the future

Right now, it seems like Ian’s VW ‘Kustom’ build will keep him busy for some time to come. But Ian and Jamie have also dropped quite a few clues that they may have a very exciting (or should we say, out-of-this-world) new project on the horizon.

Ian has been using various kinds of UFO and other-worldly graphics in his branding for some time, but he recently revealed in one of his and Jamie’s Live Q&A sessions that he has always dreamed of building some kind of spacecraft as a special pet project.

And, while Ian has not exactly confirmed that such a project is in the works, he also recently joked about leaving for space in a February 10, 2024 Instagram post.

Full Custom Garage: What Ian Roussel is up to now

So, while it might be somewhat far-fetched, we cannot help but hope that Ian will be building a vehicle fit for visiting distant galaxies, very soon.