From traditional to modern: Door color inspirations for your red brick house

There are several classic, dark and bold door colors that will work well with the tones of a red brick house.

Red bricks have been used since early colonial times for their durability and unique, warm look. Although these bricks are mainly used on the exteriors of homes in modern times, they still make quite the statement on the façade of the house.

This striking look of the red brick can be accentuated by choosing the perfect color for your front door.

In order to be the perfect complement to the red bricks and your trim colors, there are many different classic, dark and bold colors which you can choose from for your doors.

The popularity of red brick houses

Bricks are a popular choice of material for the exterior of homes, because this material is very low-maintenance, durable and adds a classic look to the house.

In early colonial America, brick houses with double brick walls were common. In these early colonial times, two brick walls were built parallel to each other and the gaps were filled in, to ensure that the walls were sturdy.

In more recent years, wooden frames are used for interior walls, but brick can still be used on exterior walls for a timeless look. There are many other benefits to brick wall exteriors besides the look that they give to your house.

Bricks are a great way to ensure that the exterior of your house always looks good even with minimal effort from your side, which is what makes it such a popular choice amongst homeowners.

Brick exteriors are low maintenance to keep clean and will not rot or peel over time. The bricks also retain heat in the colder months, while staying relatively cool in the warmer months.

Although there are many different styles and colors of bricks to use for exteriors, red brick exteriors are the most traditional choice.

Red bricks are often used on Colonial houses, but can be used for anything from office buildings to schools as well.

Things to consider before painting your door

Given these benefits, it is no wonder that brick exteriors and especially red-brick exteriors are so common.

Red brick can create a striking effect when used on the façade of a building and have great curb-appeal, but it can be difficult to find a color for your door that will not diminish or clash with this effect.

Although there are considerably less considerations when painting on the outside of your house, there are still some factors about your red-bricked exterior to consider before you start painting.

You will not need to take furniture or flooring into account, but you will need to consider some visual aspects to the exterior of your house.

The color of your brick should most likely be your first consideration. There can be quite a difference in tone and color of one red brick house to the next, depending on the age of your house, the clay used in your bricks and even just corrosion over time.

It is a good idea to examine the exterior of your house and try to see if you can spot any colors within your brick, which you would like to complement or contrast with your door color.

It is also good to consider the current or future color of other important visual aspects in your house’s curb-appeal.

The color of your trim and your roof will also play a part in how the color of your door will reflect if you look at the outside of your house as a whole.

Door colors for a red brick house

Once you have taken all of these factors into account, you can start to wonder about the color of your door.

There are many different colors that will work well with the classic look of a red brick house and therefore, it really depends on the look that you want to create.

Classic colors for a red brick house

Red brick houses can have a very traditional feel and using a white or red shade for your door can help to reinforce those nostalgic feelings.

If you are more traditional and tend to stay away from bold color schemes, it is best to choose a color that will stand the test of time.

A pure white color for the front door is a classic choice, which will create a lot of contrast with the red color of your door but give a clean and sophisticated look.

The Modern Masters 275128 Hopeful Front Door Paint is a stark white option, which will dry quickly and have the perfect soft satin finish when applied with a roller.

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If a pure white seems too extreme, a creamier white or off-white option will have the same contrasting effect and classic look, but just to a lesser extent. These beige colors also work really well when paired with brown trim.

Another classic option to use for the front door of a red brick house is various shades of red. This red-on-red look is warm and inviting.

A bright red color gives a lively and fun accent to the exterior of your house, but will stand out from the red brick color to ensure that the colors do not all blend together.

A red front door looks especially good when paired with white trim, and this is also true if you choose a more maroon or burgundy red.

This deeper, richer tone of red is a more understated choice than the bright red but will still accentuate the warm and welcoming warmer tones in your bricks.

The Renaissance DIY Venetian Red is an excellent color for that classic red-on-red look, and is easy to apply.

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Darker colors for a red brick house

If you want to move away from these traditional, brighter options, a more toned-down color might be the option for you.

Black is still a very traditional color to use for doors on Georgian and colonial houses, so it is not uncommon to see this color paired with red brick, but there is a reason for this.

The FolkArt Outdoor Paint in Coal is an opaque black, that will only need one to two coats to be opaque, which is convenient and will allow you to get a clean look.

The black color adds a touch of sophistication, while bringing out the warmer and deeper tones within your red bricks.

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Darker hues are also a good way to tone down the redness of your bricks if that is what you want.

Using paint with cool undertones on your door, like a navy, teal or gray can help to calm down a red exterior and modernize the look of your house.

These darker colors, especially in a satin finish, look brilliant when paired with a red brick house in the natural daylight.

These colors provide stark outlines for different features of your house, and make the design of the outside of your house look cleaner and sharper.

A pop of color for a red brick house

If darker hues are just not for you, but you just cannot get behind the red-on-red look either, there are many other bright colors which work well when paired with a red brick house.

Adding almost any bright color to the door of your red brick house can add a lot of fun and whimsy to your house, but there are some popular colors that will always look great.

A bright yellow will pick up on some of the warmer tones within your red brick, and really stand out against your bricks. This bright pop of yellow will certainly draw a lot of attention and make your house stand out.

The Modern Masters Front Door Paint in Happy is a bright yellow color, with warmer undertones to match with the warmer undertones of the brick.

The satin sheen finish helps to reflect the natural sunlight, which will make this color stand out even more.

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Oranges are also good colors to add to your front door. Similar to yellow, a bright orange color is sure to grab attention and give an energetic and fun look to your entire house.

If the bright oranges and yellows are too bright for your liking, muted versions of the same colors, like a peach color, is a good way to add color, but still make your house feel welcoming and approachable.

An eggshell green or celeste colored door will pick up the green tones of surrounding lawns and plants, which will make for a lovely vibrant and welcoming effect.


Red brick houses are very common, as they are so easy to maintain and will look great for years.

If you have one of these red brick houses and would like to paint your door, it is important to take a closer look at your brick and your trim before you rush to buy paint.

Once you have examined your brick, you can decide to go for a classic red or white look, a darker black or navy or even a colorful yellow or eggshell color to enhance the curb-appeal of your house even further.

The color you choose in the end will largely depend on the look and feel that you want to create for the exterior of your house.