From stylish designs to practical tips: How to choose the right curtains for your living room

The best way to go about choosing curtains for your living room is to let the practical questions guide you and to consider the style carefully.

Curtains may not always seem that important in a space, but they do influence the overall look and feel of a room greatly.

This is why, when it comes to choosing the right curtains for your living room, it is best to start with the practical aspects first and then move on to the aesthetics.

Why choosing the right curtains is so important

Window coverings and other kinds of soft furnishings are often the last thing on your mind when you are planning to upgrade, freshen-up, or redecorate a room.

But your curtains will have a significant impact on the way that your space looks when it is all finished.

Since curtains often serve both a functional and an aesthetic role in a room, it is important that you pay close attention to the style, fabric, color, and type of curtain that will be best suited for your space.

Moreover, you need to ensure that they are both decorative and useful.

How to choose curtains for a living room

Curtains may be one of the most important parts of your living room design, but there are so many different types, brands, sizes, patterns, and styles to choose from, that it can all seem quite overwhelming when you are starting out.

Fortunately, several interior design experts seem to agree that as with most other things in your home, the practical aspects of your living room curtains should take priority.

In this case, you should ask yourself a few practical questions, such as:

  • How much privacy do you want or need in the living room?
  • How much light would you like to come into the living room?
  • Do you need to block out a glare on the television or other shiny surfaces?
  • Are your furniture pieces and other kinds of fixtures close to the windows?
  • What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create in the living room?

Your answers to these questions, along with a few other tips and tricks, like choosing the fabric that is most ideal for the function, and deciding if you want a seamless or high contrast design, will help to guide you in choosing the right curtains for your space.

This will also ensure that your curtains do not simply look like an afterthought in your design, but capture and reinforce your personal style and the flow of the space.

Choose the fabric or your living room curtains carefully

Fabric choice is arguably one of the most important aspects when it comes to finding curtains that work in a space, both in terms of practicality and in terms of design style.

Living rooms that need a high amount of light control and privacy often require thicker, woven curtains.

However, just because these curtains have to be thick, it does not mean that they have to be dark.

There are several different styles of blackout curtains, including these HPD Half Price Drapes from Amazon, which come in a variety of colors.

On the other hand, light and open living rooms that do not require much privacy, often work best with curtains made of lighter, more airy fabrics like sheer linen.

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Seamless blending vs. high contrast curtains

Curtains take up a large amount of visual space when they are closed. This is often why more adventurous designers use their curtains as a way to create contrast with their wall color by choosing curtains that have a bold, contrasting color or pattern design.

However, much like in fashion, choosing a simpler neutral option will ensure that your curtains appear timeless and classic. In the end, it really depends on your personal design philosophy.

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Make sure that your curtains tie into the rest of your living room design

The most noteworthy thing to consider when you are choosing curtains for your living room is the overall design of the space.

Your curtains do not only need to block out or let in enough light, but they also need to match the furniture, color, and style of the space.

If your room is ultra-modern and minimalist, you need the curtains to match, and the same is true for vintage-inspired, modern-farmhouse, and any other type of design.

Moreover, it is also important to consider the way that the curtains will hang in the space.

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Curtains that brush the floor usually have a very neat and minimal appearance, whereas curtains that pool on the floor (about two to six extra inches of length) fit in much better with a dramatic and bold interior design style.

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