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Fact Check – The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch remains a mystery

While some sources have reported that the search for Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s treasure is over, the Ollingers are still determined to track down Aztec gold.

Hunting for treasure has always been a complex pastime, filled with convoluted twists and turns and fraught with deceit, since pretty much the dawn of time.

However, in the modern age, it seems like even tuning in to watch someone else hunt down the treasure of their dreams – can be rather complicated and filled with unexpected pitfalls.

The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch investigation continues

While fans of the treasure hunting show, Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, have been patiently awaiting news about the show’s renewal, various sources have reported that the show will not be coming back for another season – since Blind Frog Ranch’s great mystery has finally been solved.

There are certainly thousands of fans worldwide who would be delighted to hear that Duane Ollinger, his son, Chad Ollinger, and the rest of the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team were finally able to track down that bountiful Aztec treasure that they believe is hidden somewhere in the property’s cave system.

But we can assure you that the Ollingers are still hard at work trying to solve this mystery, to this day and that these often fluff-filled, nonsense pieces of information miss the mark entirely when it comes to the real Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch: A brief history

For now, the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch future seemingly remains wide open. But this does not mean that we cannot reminisce about past seasons of the show.

The very first episode of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch premiered on January 1, 2021, and the show has now aired more than 20 episodes across its subsequent seasons, as follows:

Detail Description
Series premiere Season 1, episode 1: “What Lies Beneath” on January 1, 2021
Most recent episode Season 3, episode 8: “Into the Cavern” on January 3, 2024
Total episodes (to date) 22
Total seasons (to date) 3
Total years on the air (to date) 4
Availability Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch airs on Discovery Channel and Travel Channel. The show can also be found on platforms like fuboTV, Max, Discovery+, Discovery Go, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and Apple TV.

Where season 3 left off

The most recent, third season of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch aired its final episode more than three months ago and in case you needed a recap – this season ended on the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers.

Duane, Chad and the rest of the team have spent the better part of the show’s first three seasons searching for a dry entrance to the cave system underneath Blind Frog Ranch.

And after failing to make much progress in the previous seasons, they finally found their way into the caves right as season three’s end credits started rolling.

Unfortunately, the team did not show much of what could be hiding deeper inside of these caves. However, this just means that there may be many exciting discoveries lying ahead for season four (if the show is renewed for a fourth season, that is).

The Ollingers have not given up yet

Like most things Blind Frog Ranch-related, the simplest way to disprove the rumors that the mystery has somehow been solved – is to take a look at the Ollingers.

Not only have the Ollingers shared on multiple occasions that they leave Blind Frog Ranch (and the state of Utah) once the snowy winter arrives, but according to this recent post from the Blind Frog Ranch Outpost & Tours,  they have only just returned to the ranch for the new season.

Fact Check - The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch remains a mystery

Surely, the Ollingers would have no reason to hire all the equipment and move all the way down to the ranch for another season if they already found what they have been looking for all along.

It looks like season 4 is already in the works

As it stands, Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has not officially been renewed for a fourth season yet. However, it seems like the Ollingers are not letting this small technicality stand in their way.

Once we delve a bit deeper into the Ollingers’ most recent social media posts, it becomes evident that not only have they now returned to Blind Frog ranch – but, they have also seemingly started filming for the new (still unconfirmed season).

Chad recently updated his Facebook cover photo, to a photo of him holding a rather serious-looking camera.

Fact Check - The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch remains a mystery

He also indirectly confirmed that they were indeed filming for another season by responding “hell yeah” to a comment asking if he was on the set.