Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes – What really happened to Luci

Luci is the newest addition to the already-complicated Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes story, but it seems like the drama is far from over.

The first few episodes of Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes (also known simply as “Expedition from Hell”) have unearthed some pretty shocking and perplexing details.

Particularly about the “Amazon 5000 – for the cure” trek that Mickey Grosman and his group of would-be explorers attempted back in 2012.

Luci’s Amazon 5000 journey

And, we still have a fair few questions about the planning that went into the trip, the alleged staging of dangerous events throughout Grosman’s documentary-filming process, and even the seemingly real dangerous events that happened throughout. –

But the new question that we have at the end of the most recent “Take Me to Jail” episode is: what happened to Luciana “Luci” Figueroa, Grosman’s on-the-fly recruit?

It is pretty evident that none of the Amazon 5000 expedition members were prepared for what they would face during this challenging journey – but Luci was the only expedition member who did not even plan to join the expedition in the first place.

And since her relationship with Grosman seemingly quickly ended up going in the same direction as his relationship with Matt and Delfin, we have rounded up all the most important details about what happened next in the expedition and what has happened in Luci’s personal life since this one-of-a-kind experience.

The Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes cast

Over the course of Expedition from Hell’s first few episodes, we have seen footage of the original Amazon 5000 trek. Moreover, we have seen many of the expedition members re-count what it was like to be part of this expedition all those years ago.

The Expedition from Hell cast can be summarized as follows:

Name Role Agreed to interview
Mickey Grosman Expedition Leader Yes
Robert Finlay Expert Kayaker Yes
Alex Hernandez Banker Yes
Kevin Jackson Survivalist and father Yes
Kyle Ver Steeg Plastic Surgeon Yes
Joe Flowers Snake Expert Yes
Matt Saxman Cameraman No (not yet)
Delfin Gualinga Expedition Guide Yes
Luciana Figueroa World Traveler No (not yet)

Where the Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes cast is now

It looks like Luci did not finish the journey

So far, Grosman has fired, or otherwise gotten rid of most of his expedition team over the course of Expedition from Hell’s first few episodes.

And though it seems like we will have to wait for the next episode of this limited series to hopefully see exactly what happened between Grosman and Luci later on in this now-infamous trek – it does not seem like she ended up sticking it out until the end.

Between Grosman’s showmanship and poor organizational skills, it can be difficult to follow what exactly happened on the remaining legs of this incredibly tough journey.

However, it looks like Luci may have decided to part ways with Grosman and this expedition somewhere around October 2012, after their encounter with what Grosman has termed the “lost tribe of Israel”.

What Luci is doing now

Much like Grosman’s previous “quitter” Matt, Luci has pretty much kept to herself in the years since this expedition ended. She seems to have cut all ties with Grosman and the Amazon 5000 expedition after this harrowing experience.

And since it seems like Luci is another member of the Amazon 5000 expedition who is choosing to distance herself from the entire situation – it is unlikely that we will get to see her share her side of the story on Expedition from Hell anytime soon.

However, her Facebook page does reveal that she is still alive and well, and seems to be living in Peru with her family.

It seems like Luci makes a living as an artist and now works for a legitimate tour company which plans and executes excursions to sites like Machu Picchu, Cusco and more (though it is unclear exactly what her role in the company is).

What to expect from the next Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes episodes

“What happened to Luci?” is not the only question still lingering at this point in the Expedition from Hell journey.

And from what we know about what lies ahead for the next episode of the show – things are about to get even more confusing and intense.

In the next episode, which will be titled “Worst Expedition Ever?” we will see Grosman (who will soon be the only member left on the expedition) battle a serious case of dengue fever, before being arrested and imprisoned in Brazil.

Unfortunately, it seems like many of the lingering questions will remained unanswered as the show draws to a close, however, as crucial bits and pieces of the original footage have gone missing over the years.