Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes – What happened to Mickey Grosman after the trip

Mickey Grosman is the focus of Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes and his current life looks exactly the way you would expect it to.

If you have tuned in to watch Discovery’s fascinating new docuseries, Expedition From Hell: The Lost Tapes, (also simply known as “Expedition from Hell”), you will already know that the so-called expert survivalist, Mickey Grosman’s ambitious 5000-mile journey across the Amazon in 2012 turned out to be a near-nightmarish experience for most of those involved.

Mickey Grosman: The Amazon 5000 “Expedition from Hell” leader

Grosman has been famously quoted as saying that he was the only member of the once 14-member-strong expedition team who made it to the end of this treacherous journey.

But, given all that we now know about the chaos that ensued during the trip, you may be wondering what exactly he has been up to since he returned from this trip more than a decade ago.

Putting it all into perspective

There is so much to process when you first find out about this highly-publicized and highly-divisive trek that Grosman and his expedition team took through South America that it can be quite difficult to keep it all straight.

To aid in demystifying exactly what has gone down in the last couple of years, we have compiled a timeline of some of the key moments, as follows:

Date Event
2010 Mickey Grosman is diagnosed with Melanoma and starts with treatment
February 17, 2012 The first casting call goes out for the Amazon 5000 expedition
May 15, 2012 The expedition starts in Pedernales, Ecuador
April 2013 Mickey Grosman returns home after the expedition
Late 2013 Talks begin to get the Impossible Possible: The Amazon 5000 Story film off the ground
April 14, 2021 Impossible Possible: The Amazon 5000 Story premieres at the Miami Jewish Film Festival
May 12, 2024 Erin Gable and David Freid’s docuseries Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes premieres on Discovery Channel and Max

Is the Amazon 5000 charity still up and running?

The first few episodes of Expedition from Hell have certainly brought up more questions than answers.

But, amongst the questions about why none of the expedition members abandoned the trek earlier, why anyone of them agreed to the trip in the first place and more –one question stands out: what happened to the “Amazon 5000 – for the cure” charity that the whole expedition was all about?

Unfortunately, like most things about this convoluted and unexpected expedition – the answer to this question is complicated.

The Amazon 5000 charity’s Facebook page is still active and it is still being updated regularly.

In fact, if you scroll all the way back to 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013, you can even find photo evidence that Grosman actually handed out some much-needed checks to children battling cancer in partnership with the BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation.

However, the former website now redirects to Grosman’s personal website, and this charity is no longer listed on the ‘Partners’ section of the BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation’s website.

Mickey Grosman is aware of Expedition from Hell

While we have not seen Grosman comment on any of the allegations made against him in Expedition from Hell, to date, it seems like the former leader of this wild expedition is well aware of the show.

When the Expedition from Hell showrunner, Erin Gamble, spoke to TV Insider about how they convinced the expedition members to sit down for interviews, she explained that they quickly realized that the expedition members were still in contact with each other and that Grosman was having conversations with some of the team members that they “didn’t know about”.

However, it seems like Grosman had some hand in the final Expedition from Hell production, as this May 12, 2024 post on Grosman’s personal Facebook page reveals that the producers of Expedition from Hell actually went as far as to send him a gift for “being such a great partner” on the project.

Mickey Grosman Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes

What Mickey Grosman is doing now

When Grosman is not busy promoting his own documentary about the now-infamous 5000-mile trek through the Amazon back in 2012 (or busy being the subject of a different docuseries about the same harrowing expedition), you can probably find him working at his demolition company, Pro-demolition.

According to his LinkedIn page, Grosman has been working as a demo-man at Pro-demolition ever since 2005.

Though, as this recent photo from his Facebook page illustrates, it seems as though this former Special Forces operative and expedition leader finds a way to make even the most banal of demolition jobs just a little bit more exciting, with his never-ending quest for adventure.

As strange as it seems, Expedition from Hell is really real