Everything you need to know about Selling the Big Easy’s cancellation

Brittany has confirmed that Selling the Big Easy has been cancelled, but it looks like this former HGTV star has already moved on to new projects.

HGTV’s show, Selling the Big Easy, follows the real estate agent and New Orleans native, Brittany Picolo-Ramos, as she and her team of real estate experts put their heads together to sell some of the area’s most alluring multi-million dollar properties.

It looks like Selling the Big Easy has come to an end

Throughout Selling the Big Easy’s first two seasons, Brittany and her team at Godwyn Realty took fans along as she toured, entertained and upgraded New Orleans’ most desirable mansions.

But, it seems like all of this on-screen fun has now come to an end. Since the show’s second season was delayed and eventually moved to a new place on the HGTV schedule, Brittany has now officially confirmed that Selling the Big Easy will not return for a third season.

Selling the Big Easy: A brief summary

Now that we know that Selling the Big Easy will officially not be returning to HGTV for any future seasons, it might be time to take a look back at everything that the show accomplished during its short, two-season run.

Overall, Selling the Big Easy aired just over 20 episodes over the course of about two years, as follows:

Season Initial air dates Episodes
Season 1 August 29, 2019, to October 23, 2020
  1. A Modern Mansion and a Historic Gem
  2. Bucktown Bungalow vs. Spanish Colonial
  3. Uptown Mansion vs. Lakefront Estate
  4. Paradise Park vs. Italian Villa
  5. Madisonville Manor vs. Peaceful Palace
  6. Ridgewood Riviera vs. Lakeview Luxury
  7. The Garden Home vs. Acadian Manor
  8. Waterfront Paradise vs. Garden District Home
  9. Entertainers Dream vs. Broadmoor Estate
  10. 19th-century Masterpiece vs. Coliseum Square
  11. Gallery Home vs. Luxe Greek Revival
  12. Radiant River Home vs. Creekside Cottage
  13. Lakeview Luxury vs. Bayou Beauty
  14. Neoclassical Revival vs. Bywater Beauty
Season 2 October 1, 2021, to April 8, 2022
  1. The House with a History Vs. The Show-Stopping Shotgun
  2. The Laketown Luxury Vs. The Beautiful Bungalow
  3. The Mandeville Manor Vs. The Peaceful Palace
  4. The Uptown Townhome Vs. The Pigeon Town Property
  5. The Covington Castle Vs. The Mandeville Mansion
  6. The Metairie Mid-Century vs. The Milneburg Must-See
  7. The Metairie Mansion vs. The New Charmer
  8. The Captivating Covington Home Vs. The Mandeville Mansion
  9. The Algiers Revival vs. The Central City Stunner
  10. The Camelback Double Vs. The Garden District Gem
  11. The Luling Lodge vs. The Kenner Custom
  12. The Saint Ann Stunner vs. The Lavish Lakeview Estate

Why was the show cancelled?

Neither HGTV nor Brittany have ever revealed the official reason why Selling the Big Easy got the chop.

However, Brittany did reveal in a YouTube video from July 2022 that everything ended on a positive note, stating “We have decided not to do season three of Selling the Big Easy, even though I love the show, love the network”.

Brittany also added that they had decided to go in a “new direction,” though this rather vague statement did not clarify what exactly prompted this change or whether the decision was a mutual one.

It is also worth mentioning that Brittany has been quite honest about the fact that her politics have gotten her in trouble in the past, and the fact that the show was up against some other pretty popular shows.

So there are many things that could have contributed to Selling the Big Easy’s cancellation

What the Selling the Big Easy team has been up to since the show ended

Just because Brittany and the rest of the Godwyn Realty team have not had cameras following them around in the last two years, it does not mean that they have slowed down their real estate game.

A quick glance at Brittany’s Instagram page reveals that she and the Godwyn Realty team are still selling and buying up a storm in the New Orleans area.

Fans of Selling the Big Easy should also be happy to hear that Brittany, alongside her Selling the Big Easy co-stars, Joel Picolo and Derek Pittmon, have now started their very own podcast called The Real-Tea Podcast.

Brittany Picolo-Ramos’ new chapter

While Brittany can no longer class herself as a reality television host, her life has seemingly only gotten more exciting, both personally and professionally, in the last two years.

Brittany was actually promoted to President of Godwyn Realty in 2022, shortly after the second season of Selling the Big Easy finished airing. And, as of February 27, 2024, she has also welcomed a new baby boy to her family.