Everything you did not know about Mieka from Ready to Love season 9

Mieka Taylor from season nine of Ready for Love actually has a well-established personal brand outside of the show.

Finding love in this day and age can be tricky. But OWN’s hit reality competition show, Ready to Love, makes this process even more complicated for a group of hopeful romantics.

Ready to Love follows a group of 30-something and 40-something singles as they attempt to find lasting and meaningful connections with their fellow cast mates.

However, just like with real-life romantic endeavors, if these contestants want to find true love, they will have to stick it out through varying unforeseen challenges, obstacles and twists along the way.

All about Mieka from season 9

If you tuned in to watch the premiere episode of Ready to Love season nine when it first aired on Friday, January 12, 2024 – then you will know that this season is well-poised to be one of the most dramatic and unexpected seasons of the show yet.

In fact, Thomas Miles (the show’s host and resident task-master) has already explained that the very first shake-up for this season will involve the main cast members being split into two separate mixers for the first two episodes.

This is quite the departure from the show’s standard format and should introduce an entirely new element into Ready to Love’s already-complicated alliances.

And while the second group of hopeful singles will remain a mystery until the second episode airs, some of the singles in the first group are already grabbing fans’ attention.

This includes Shemieka ‘Mieka’ Taylor, a 37 year-old Esthetician and Digital Creator who has already become a fan-favorite for this season.

The rest of the Ready to Love season 9 cast

Long-time Ready to Love fans will know that the show’s unpredictable format is only part of what makes it so very entertaining to watch. The other part of this enticing formula comes from the varied but usually very messy cast.

The cast members that you can expect to see enthralled in new romances, new fights and new love-triangles this season on Ready to Love include:

Ready to Love season 9 cast Age Profession
Mieka 37 Esthetician
Alexis 32 National Sales Operator
April 42 Pharmacist
Dominique 36 Accountant, Realtor, Art Studio Owner
DaMonte 43 Fashion Stylist
Will 32 Real Estate Development CEO
William 38 Financial Advisor
Koshiea 36 Machine Learning Program Manager, Realtor
Laron 32 Systems Operations

Mieka’s life outside of the show

Season nine, much like all of the previous seasons of Ready to Love, features a cast of fairly successful and independent singles. This season, the show finds itself in Fort Worth, Texas.

Before Mieka was chosen as one of the lucky few Fort Worth locals who were chosen to try their hand at finding true, genuine love in the midst of all the Ready to Love craziness, she had already made quite the name for herself as a Licensed Esthetician under her brand Taylor’d Faces.

And when she is not busy making her reality television and romance dreams come true on Ready to Love, she specializes in brow shaping and professional lash extension.

Mieka has even conducted extensive workshops training other up-and-coming estheticians who have the same passion.

What you may not know about Mieka

While Mieka has been working very hard to establish her brand in the beauty world, she also has a side-hustle that might surprise fans.

In the last few years, Mieka has built up quite a substantial following as a content creator on YouTube.

Her YouTube channel, which currently has 600 subscribers, contains content ranging from daily workout vlogs to chatty family-style vlogs with her children.

Mieka has also built up a significant following on other social media platforms and currently has over 31,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 followers on TikTok.

What you can look forward to in Ready to Love season 9

Dating is difficult enough, but dating in a group, in front of cameras is even more daunting. And Ready for Love season nine has already kicked things up a notch.

Spoiler alert – season nine marks the first instance in the show’s history where one contestant decided to leave the competition before the meeting and mingling even began. And with alliances already starting to form, there is absolutely no doubt that this is only the beginning of the drama.

There really is no way to predict what will happen (or who will be going home) next on Ready to Love season nine, but we suspect that there are more than a few instant sparks, vicious fights, and even a few awkward dates still to come in future episodes.