Everything we know about Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s “energy zone”

The “energy zone” may hold the secret to the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch treasure, but there is so much about this area that we do not understand.

The filming has now officially wrapped for Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s third season.

And while Duane Ollinger, his son, Chad Ollinger, and the rest of their team of experts have not managed to track down the treasure which is reportedly hidden somewhere on this property yet – they have certainly come across lots of new unexplained phenomena along the way.

And since Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch is now at such a crucial point between seasons, we think that it is high time to rehash one of the property’s biggest lingering mysteries.

The issue with the “energy zone”

If you have been following along with the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch expeditions since the show’s first season, you will already know that the “energy zone” has been one of the biggest hindrances in the Ollingers’ quest to locate treasure.

However, although the Ollingers and their team seemingly believe that this “energy zone” is at the center of many of the mysterious goings-on at Blind Frog Ranch, there is still so much that we do not understand about this strange area of the property.

The claims that have been made thus far

Some of the claims that have been made about the “energy zone” on Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch so far include:

Claim Episode
The energy zone has an electro-magnetic pulse which can make all kinds of gauges and equipment malfunction Season 1, episode 1
The energy zone can make metal (silver) out of dirt Season 1, episode 5
The energy zone has “blue dirt” which contains traces of iridium Season 1, episode 6
The energy zone marks the location of a Doppler-shift, which can function as an energy pump and is usually only found in research pertaining to supermassive black holes Season 3, episode 1

Examining the Mystery at Blind Frog meteorite theory

There is certainly a lot of room for discussion where the worlds of paranormal activity and outer space collide.

However, there is simply not much to back up the current Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch theory that the “energy zone” may have been caused by a meteorite impact (which was later used by the Aztecs as a vault for treasure).

The biggest prevailing issue with this new meteorite theory is that (from what we have seen on the show), the “energy zone” does not have any of the tell-tale signs of a meteorite impact crater.

The Serpent Mound Disturbance, for example, (which geologist, Eric Drummond referenced when the team was discussing this theory) is believed to be about 320 million years old, but it still has many of the geological structures that you would expect to see from a meteorite impact – including a ring graben, a central uplift, and a transitional zone.

And if the Blind Frog Ranch meteorite’s impact with the earth was significant enough to bury it 120 feet below the surface, there would definitely be some evidence of these geological changes nearby.

The jury is also still out on which ancient culture built The Great Serpent Mound in Ohio, so there is no great historical evidence to support the Ollingers’ theory that the Aztecs were involved at this point in time.

Other things we still do not know about the “energy zone”

Unfortunately, there are also still many unanswered questions around the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch energy zone, even if we discount the questions around its origins and what it could be hiding.

For a start, it seems like Eric never followed through on his plan to test the “metal” which is forged within the “energy zone”.

Moreover, the team has also never really returned to the theory that the dirt from the “energy zone” may have high concentrations of high-value iridium.

What will happen in season 4?

As it stands, Discovery has not yet officially renewed Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch for another season. However, we do know that the team filmed more content than season three of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch ended up airing.

Therefore, there is a good chance that Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch will return for a fourth season if the show continues to perform well throughout its third season.

Judging by where season three left off, the show will most likely focus on Chad, Duane and the rest of the team as they venture further into Blind Frog Ranch’s reportedly very extensive underground cave system in search of treasure.

And a result, it is fair to assume that the exploration of this cave system will take precedence over the investigations into the “energy zone”, for now.