Embrace elegance: Blue, citrus and neutral front door colors for your beige home

There are several blue, citrus and neutral front door colors which will complement the warmer tones of a beige house and improve your curb appeal.

The color you choose to paint your front door can influence how your entire house is perceived by the outside world.

This means that it is very important to select the right color, which will reflect your own style, work with your house’s surroundings and look good in natural light in order to ensure that the exterior of your home stands out.

There are various different color schemes to consider for the front door of your beige house, and each of these may have an impact on the style and visual impact of the exterior design of your house.

Why your front door color matters

Your front door and front door colors are a big part of your house’s curb appeal and can be one of the first things that you and your guests see as you enter the house.

This means that many people, whether they are your guests or potential buyers, will form their first impressions, based solely on the curb appeal of your home and this can have an impact on how these people perceive you or even the selling price of your home.

Your front door color is important far beyond the curb appeal of your house. Front doors come in many different shapes and colors, and the color you choose for your front door may say more about you as a person and about your design style than you realized.

Chances are that classic red and white doors give people the impression that you are a traditionalist, while brighter and bolder colors like a yellow door can make a lasting impression on your guests.

However, like with any design choice, there are many factors that go into choosing the right front door color.

Tips to choose the best front door color

The best place to start when selecting a front door color is to find inspiration for colors that you might enjoy for your own door.

Your door color serves as many guests’ first glimpse into your life and style, and therefore, the color of your door cannot simply be an afterthought.

In order to carefully consider the color you choose, it is often best to start with a pool of possible colors and then disregard or include colors from there.

In order to build this pool, you can find inspiration from door colors that have made an impression on you in the past and the color scheme of the rest of your house.

The natural surroundings of your home may also be a good source of inspiration for your door color. Natural plant life or even blue, brown and green colors can be a great way to make your house seem like it belongs where it is.

These natural colors also go well together, and would blend well with natural stone or wood exteriors.

There are endless colors to choose from for your door color, but it is important to take the style of your house and your own personal style into account when choosing your door color, as this will ensure that your door does not look out of place.

Older houses may look good with more classic colors, while a modern house will be able to have a darker door and if you have a bubbly personality, a colorful door will surprise no one.

Once you have a few potential colors which you are considering for your door, it is always a good idea to test these paint colors in the same lighting conditions that your door would have.

A certain paint’s color can appear very different under fluorescent lighting in the store than it does in natural sunlight, and the only way you can be sure what this color will look like on your front door, is to see it in the same space and lighting as your front door.

12 blue, citrus and neutral front door colors for a beige house

When taking all of this into account, there are also many different options for door colors when it comes to beige houses.

Front door blue colors for a beige house

Blue colors are some of the most popular choices for beige homes. There are several shades, ranging from teal to navy which can make your front door stand out, whether you have a rustic, farmhouse or even a modern house design.

At the same time, blue can be a very energizing and confident color, which can make a striking impression on anyone entering your home. Some of the best choices when it comes to blue colors for your front door is as follows:

  • Blueprint by Behr is a very trendy blue-green color, which will make a real statement on your door.

  • Lake Breeze by Valspar is a lighter blue option, which works particularly well on older homes to accentuate their architecture.

  • Oslo Blue by Behr is a cool-toned blue color, which creates a contrast with the warmer tones in beige colors and can create a very complementary color scheme with lighter beige colors.

  • Nifty Turquoise by Sherwin Williams works well for a more rustic and antique look.

  • Indigo from Sherwin Williams is a darker shade of blue, which can help you to create a more elegant and sophisticated look for the exterior of your house.

  • Regatta by Sherwin Williams is a sea foam color which can help your house to stand out from its surroundings.

Generally, the cooler undertones of the blue and blue-green colors will create just enough contrast with the beige color of your house to ensure that the beige does not become too boring and monotonous.

A blue colored front door is sure to make an impression on all of your guests.

Front door citrus colors for a beige house

Yellow and orange colors can seem like an intimidating choice, but the warm undertones and bright and happy feelings that these colors often evoke, means that they actually make very good front door colors for beige houses.

The most important thing to remember when choosing the right citrus shade for your door is to choose the right brightness and undertone to match the style of your house.

There are many different shades of citrus which will look great on the door of a beige house, including:

  • Overt Green by Sherwin Williams is a very bright green shade, which works especially well with very light beiges and will certainly make a statement.

  • Maple Leaf by Behr is a strong orange color, which will accentuate the warmer tones in your house’s beige color and make the whole façade seem more inviting.

  • Solar Energy by Behr is a lovely yellow shade, which is bright but not too bright and will just add a touch of sunshine to your front door.

Warm citrus shades can be very appealing when placed next to a beige exterior, and can energize the whole outside of your house.

If bright citrus shades are a bit too much for your house or personal style, a more muted version of a yellow or orange may work well.

Front door neutral colors for a beige house

However, your front door does not always need to make a statement. If you prefer to keep the exterior of your house subdued and neutral, there are a few front door colors options that would suit this look, as well.

With this neutral color scheme, it is important to choose a shade that is at least two steps lighter or darker than the beige color of your house, in order to create some visual interest and keep all the features from blending together. Some neutral color options include:

  • Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore is a cool charcoal color, which can neutralize warm undertones in your beige home, and make the whole exterior of your house feel muted and neutral.

  • Royal Liqueur by Behr mimics the color of natural wood and can create a very calming entryway.

  • Raisin by Sherwin Williams is a very deep purple-brown shade which creates a rich and inviting look when paired with a softer beige color.

These neutral colors may not make the biggest statement, but they can help to give you house a sophisticated, understated appearance.

These colors should also blend well with the natural colors in the surroundings of your house, which should make for a harmonious and inviting look, which will make your house seem like it is part of its surroundings.


Your front door can give people an idea as to your own personality and design style. The color you choose for your door can also be a good way to accentuate certain features of your home and increase your curb appeal drastically.

Choosing a blue color can create some contrast with your beige home and leave a lasting impression, while a yellow, orange or green color scheme may be the best way to energize and invigorate a dull and boring beige façade.

However, if a bolder pop of color is not for you, then a more neutral color scheme might be best.

In the end, the best color scheme will work with the undertones and value of your beige color to create a specific look and feel for your exterior design.