Eateries at Fourways Mall

Fourways Mall serves as a retail complex and entertainment centre for Johannesburg residents, with its eateries offering takeaway options and limited in-store consumption at the food court.

Fourways Mall has limited its eateries to takeout restaurants at the food court, with limited seating options, and has yet to add many sit-down restaurants like in other malls. Despite the size of the shopping centre, Fourways Mall has focused its offering on retail and entertainment, giving customers a limited selection of food to choose from.

  1. Simply Asia

The Asian-inspired food franchise offers a wide selection of Chinese and Vietnamese food that has made the franchise popular at its nationwide branches. The meals come packed in easy-to-eat containers, allowing customers to easily transport it to their desired location.

  1. Philly Cheesesteak Co

Located at the centre of the main retail walkway, Philly Cheesesteak Co is one of the few sit-down restaurants at the mall. Even so, the location offers limited comfort because of the foot traffic; however, it does offer a quick and convenient alternative to simply having a takeout meal.

  1. Anat

Offering authentic Egyptian street food, Anat’s falafels and schwarmas are a popular choice for Fourways Mall customers. The food also comes packaged in a way that allows you to walk and eat, without needing to sit down to enjoy your meal.

Sayushka Naidoo