Dr. Jeff is still practicing even though Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet is no longer being filmed

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet may not be airing new episodes anytime soon, but Dr. Jeff and his staff are still hard at work at Planned Pethood International.

When Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet was airing its most recent, eighth season in 2022, the show was still consistently bringing in close to 700,000 viewers per episode – cementing its place among the Animal Planet fan-favorites.

However, television channels often consider a variety of factors when deciding which shows to renew every season. And while Dr. Jeff and his staff remained popular amongst fans – the show has been put on ice for the time being.

What is happening at Dr. Jeff’s Planned Pethood International these days?

Hearing that your favorite television show has been put on ice is certainly a blow. But this news is even worse in Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet’s case, as there are fears that this not-quite cancellation could interfere with the important work that Dr. Jeff and his staff do at the clinic where the show is filmed.

Fortunately, though they may no longer have cameras filming their every move, Dr. Jeff and the staff at his Planned Pethood International veterinary clinic have continued their hard veterinary work – even though this has evidently not always been an easy task.

Dr. Jeff’s journey to becoming a reality television veterinarian

While most people around the globe now know Dr. Jeff simply as the “Rocky Mountain Vet” from television, his journey to becoming such a beloved television figure actually started much earlier.

The timeline of Dr. Jeff’s rise to television fame can be summarized as follows:

Year Event
1989 Dr. Jeff graduates from Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine
1990 Dr. Jeff opens his first clinic in the Highlands neighborhood
2014 Dr. Jeff officially signs on to do Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet
2015 The very first episode of Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet airs on Animal Planet

Dr. Jeff’s highly-televised practice has not been without controversy

By the time that Dr. Jeff signed on to star in Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet in 2014, he had already been a practicing veterinarian for over two decades.

However, his experience as a veterinarian did little to prepare him and his practice for the fame (and the scrutiny) that comes with appearing on a television show which is broadcast to millions of viewers all over the world.

And, while Dr. Jeff has always maintained that he does everything in his power to provide “excellent and affordable health care for pets,” according to the Planned Pethood International clinic’s website, viewers have not always been in agreement about the standard of his care.

Various people who have tuned in to watch Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet in  the last few years have spoken out about Dr. Jeff’s unconventional approach and his even more unconventional views about the field of veterinary medicine.

At one point, The American Veterinary Medical Association even published a formal letter complaining about Dr. Jeff’s “renegade approach” to medicine.

However, Dr. Jeff has seemingly not let this criticism get him down, and he has continued to use his platform as a way to spread information about spaying, neutering, and vaccinations for pets, even after Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet finished filming.

Dr. Jeff’s Health is improving

The various kinds of criticism lobbed at Dr. Jeff and his practice over the years is not the only hurdle that this television vet has had to overcome to keep his practice up and running.

If you have been out of the loop since Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet ceased filming, you may have missed that Dr. Jeff was recently diagnosed with cancer.

But, while he did admit that the treatment kept him away from the clinic more than he would have liked, a recent update from the Planned Pethood International Facebook page, reveals that Dr. Jeff’s lungs “are looking better” and that his most recent PET scan was “very positive”.

The future of Planned Pethood International clinic

Not only has Dr. Jeff overcome the criticism and his cancer treatment to continue practicing veterinary medicine in the last few years – but, he has actually expanded and improved his Planned Pethood International clinic.

Planned Pethood International has now moved to a new 12,000 square foot location in Conifer and has a veterinary hospital as well as a training center to assist with the education of vets who plan to enter into the practice in the future.

The Planned Pethood International clinic has also now partnered with the Intermountain Humane Society.

Moreover, Dr. Jeff has announced plans to take this new practice all over the United States and all over the world in the future.