Does dark brown go with Repose Gray walls?

There are various ways to add dark brown into a room with Repose Gray walls, but one of the most popular ways is through paint.

There are many different gray, beige and even greige colors to choose from when you are looking for a neutral paint color for your walls.

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams has become one of the most popular warm gray paint colors on the market.

Many designers and homeowners consider Repose Gray to be one of the most flexible and versatile gray paint colors to use in almost any room in any house.

There are several colors that work well with repose gray and even some accent colors that really help this color shine, no matter where in your house you choose to paint it.

About Repose Gray

Repose Gray is an incredibly popular warm neutral color by Sherwin Williams. This color is considered to be a greige or gray-beige color, which leans more heavily towards being a gray color than a beige color.

Sherwin Williams’ Repose Gray (SW 7015) is a very warm gray color, which makes it a very versatile paint color, which you easily use throughout your entire house.

Gray paint colors usually have undertones of brown, taupe, blue, green or purple. When it comes to Repose Gray specifically, this color has slightly warmer undertones including some purple and taupe undertones.

If you have found that your paint sample of this color, or any Repose Gray walls in your house look cooler and bluer rather than this warm undertones being described, chances are that there are other factors in the room which are influencing how this color reflects in your room.

This may be because of your lighting or other colors in the room like your flooring, furniture and art. Even though this color is a warmer shade, it is still a fairly light gray paint color. Repose Gray has a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 58.

When you consider that the LRV scale measures how much light a color reflects back into the room, with 0 being the blackest of black colors that reflect back no light and 100 being the whitest white colors that reflect back 100 percent of light, Repose Gray falls almost in the middle of that scale.

Repose Gray is an incredibly versatile gray paint color, because of its unique warmth and LRV value, which is also what has consistently made it one of Sherwin Williams’ most popular paint colors.

Why is Repose Gray so popular?

Repose Gray tends to be a very popular gray color because it is such a versatile gray color to use in your home. The warmer tones and LRV makes it the perfect color to use in just about any home, and in any room in your house.

Some designers and homeowners prefer Repose Gray over other gray colors, because of the lightness of the color.

The LRV of 58 means that Repose Gray is light enough to feel like a neutral background color on your walls, but it has enough color and darkness to it to not get lost in brighter and bigger spaces.

This is the perfect color for a very neutral color palette, which many people prefer in their homes, because the taupe undertones of Repose Gray tend to work well with other warm-toned cream, off-white and beige colors.

However, because this color does reflect gray and can flash some blue undertones in some situations, it can be seen as one of the perfect chameleon paint colors to use all over your home.

This means that the color can shift and change slightly depending on the lighting or other colors in certain rooms, and this allows you to use Repose Gray in warmer and cooler rooms with good results in each.

All of these reasons are what makes Repose Gray such a flexible color, which goes with a myriad of other colors in different styles and lighting conditions.

Does dark brown go with Repose Gray Walls?

Since Repose Gray does have a significant amount of warmth, there are some dark brown colors that go with it.

Brown colors with green undertones pair well with Repose gray, since they have the same tonal qualities and this can help you to create a very harmonious color scheme within your room.

Repose Gray has some brown and beige undertones, which means that it should pair well with other brown colors, for a very neutral look.

It is, however, important to remember that brown colors can also have varying undertones and that the lighting of your room can affect how the brown colors and the Repose Gray reflect within the room.

Therefore, it is important to test the actual brown color in the room first, if you can, before you commit to it.

There are various ways to add dark brown into a room with Repose Gray walls, but one of the most popular ways is through paint. Some of the dark brown paint colors that work well with Repose Gray include:

Shade Color Color swatch
Anonymous Sherwin Williams
Dorian Gray Sherwin Williams
Eider White Sherwin Williams
Urbane Bronze Sherwin Williams

Other ways to add brown to a room with Repose Gray could include adding brown coffee tables, couches or even brown or wooden trim throughout the room.

Brown will accentuate the warmer tones in Repose Gray and make your whole design feel cozy and inviting.

Accent colors that go with Repose Gray walls

Brown is not the only color that works well with Repose Gray. There are also several accent colors that you can add to a room with Repose Gray walls to help to pull the whole design together and make the room look finished.

White trim colors work really well next to Repose Gray walls, but in this case it can be better to go for a crisper white color, rather than a warm, creamy white color.

The warmth in Repose Gray will accentuate the warmth in a warm white or off-white color, and this can make the white color look dirty.

Some examples of white colors to pair with Repose Gray wall, and even some other darker brown colors, include:

Shade Color Color swatch
Pure White Sherwin Williams
Extra White Sherwin Williams
Snowbound Sherwin Williams
High Reflective White Sherwin Williams

Repose Gray also pairs really well with wood trim and accents. The natural warmth in wood tones, will once again accentuate the warmer tones in Repose Gray, and this will make for a neutral, yet coordinating color palette throughout your home.

Repose gray in different lighting conditions

When you are deciding on color choices for a room with Repose Gray walls, it is important to consider the effects that lighting and shadows can have in different rooms of your house, and how these lighting conditions will affect the appearance of both Repose Gray and other colors in your home.

Repose Gray is an excellent choice if you want a light gray color that you can use right throughout your house – and even on the exterior of your house.

Repose Gray has been used by different designers and homeowners in entryways, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, and family rooms and it does not overwhelm these busy, high-usage areas easily.

However, it is still important to remember that Repose Gray is a chameleon color and it can sometimes shift in terms of undertone in certain lighting conditions.

Lighting conditions in your house will usually vary from room to room, depending on whether the room has a north-, south-, east- or west facing orientation.

The appearance of Repose Gray in different lighting conditions

Repose Gray will interact differently with each of these lighting conditions, and this can be summarized as follows:


Interaction with Repose Gray

North: least amount of natural light The violet and gray undertones of Repose Gray will be accentuated. Repose Gray will appear cooler and darker in these rooms.
South: most natural sunlight Repose gray will look like a true, light neutral gray color.
East: lighting will shift from morning to evening In the mornings, Repose Gray will appear to have more blue undertones and in the evenings, these undertones will look more violet-colored.
West: lighting will shift from morning to evening Earlier in the day, Repose Gray will appear to have violet undertones and then later on, these will shift to blue undertones.

It is important to keep these lighting conditions in mind when you are selecting other colors for your room with Repose Gray walls, as you will need to ensure that this color scheme works in all of your rooms, at all times during the day.

Final thoughts

Repose Gray is one of the most popular Sherwin Williams paint colors, because it can be seen as the perfect warmer gray color. This color and its unique undertones and LRV, is perfect for use just about anywhere in the house.

There are several dark brown colors and other accent colors that will work well in a room with Repose Gray walls, depending on the lighting in that particular room.