Does Benjamin Moore do color matching?

Benjamin Moore can match a variety of colors in store by using a similar color that is from their own catalogue and then mixing in other pigments.

Color matching may not be the ideal strategy when you are just starting a project, but there are plenty of instances where it may be your only option.

Benjamin Moore stores do color match paint colors from other brands, as well as many other colors in or on everyday objects, but this color match is not always perfect.

When color matching is the only option

There are few things more heartbreaking than not being able to get your hands on a paint color that you feel would be perfect for your next project.

Sometimes, considering matching the color that you were so smitten with is the only option if you do not have a big budget, you are in the wrong location, or you simply cannot find the right shade.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options when it comes to matching a paint color from another brand, or even a color from the curtains, art, furniture or carpet in a room.

Does Benjamin Moore do color matching?

Color matching is by no means a new concept and most of your popular paint retailers will have specially-trained employees who can help you match a color. This includes Benjamin Moore stores.

If you take a paint chip, photo, piece of fabric or any other reference material into the store, they will try their best to match this color for you perfectly  in-store.

It is worth noting at this point that color matching usually requires that the color experts select a color from the existing Benjamin Moore catalogue of colors that they feel is closest to the color that you want to match or use a spectrophotometer to do this.

They will then mix in small amounts of other pigments until the color looks just right.

While this process can be incredibly useful and even professional designers ask these color experts to color match all the time, the process is highly individual and delivers inconsistent results.

Fortunately, if you have found a color expert at your nearest Benjamin Moore store that matches colors to your exacting standards, then you will probably never have trouble matching colors at that branch in the future.

Benjamin Moore has also developed its own proprietary technology in the form of the ColorReader devices and the Color Portfolio mobile application to help professionals who want to color match on the go.

About the ColorReader devices and the Color Portfolio mobile application

ColorReader devices are special devices which allow professional designers to match any color that they want to the closest Benjamin Moore color.

These devices can then be linked to the Color Portfolio mobile application, where designers can get access to a range of tools.

Some of these include the favorite colors library, saved colors library, photo and video visualizers, and the Benjamin Moore fan decks for easy color matching on the go.

Why it is important to also match the sheen when you are color matching

A paint match may not always be 100 percent accurate, but it is important to get this match as good as possible, especially if you are using it to touch up a scuff mark on an existing painted surface.

One of the ways to ensure that your match looks as seamless as possible, especially if you are painting it on or near the original color, is to match the finish and sheen of the original paint too.

In general, higher-sheen paints like semi-gloss finishes appear a little brighter than a flat, matte paint and having a different sheen than your matched paint color can make it appear off.

How to ensure that you get the best color match possible

Matching paint colors between different brands can be incredibly tricky. Although you can get away with a match that is slightly off if you just want to coordinate with the print or inspiration photo, it will matter greatly if you have to fix or touch up a mistake on the original paint color.

For this reason, it is often safest to repaint an entire wall (edge to edge, corner to corner) when you are working with a paint color that was matched to the original.

This way, the corners and edges of the wall will hide any inconsistencies and you will be able to get away with a seamless look.

It is also important that you inspect the color in different kinds of lighting (ideally in the same place that you want to use it) to ensure that it is right before you commit to it.

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