Creating a unique patio design: Exploring bold, neutral and black color options for furniture

Choosing the best color for your patio furniture can be tricky, but there are several bold, neutral and black color options to create a unique and useful design.

Patios are a great way to extend the amount of space in your home for entertainment and relaxation. Careful planning will lead to a patio which serves your needs and will last over time.

However, practical considerations are not the only factor in choosing the best patio furniture.

Patio furniture that is styled correctly can help you to create an enticing and comfortable space, where your household and guests can relax and socialize.

The color of your patio furniture can help you to create a unique design style which echoes your house and surroundings, but reflects your personal style and makes your patio the perfect spot to entertain friends and family.

Choosing the right patio furniture

Chances are that your patio was built with summertime and outdoor entertaining in mind. Your patio and the furniture for your patio can quickly add up and this can turn into quite an investment for your home.

This is why it is so important to ensure that you choose patio furniture which fits into your design style, entertainment habits and budgets to ensure that you can get maximum enjoyment from your outdoor spaces.

One of the best ways to ensure that you find patio furniture which is perfect for you and your needs is to plan your patio design, before you start buying furniture or paint.

Your outdoor entertainment space will need to reflect your personality and needs, and it is best to consider what exactly this entails before you are confronted with the myriad of choices for outdoor furniture.

This includes considerations of how

many people would usually use the space, what will the space be used for most, will you use the space during select seasons or all through the year – and so forth.

This will help you to establish what kind and how many furniture you will need to make your patio the perfect fit for your household.

The other important consideration when buying patio furniture is that this furniture will, most likely, be exposed to differing weather conditions and other elements throughout the year.

Weather elements like sun, rain, hail and snow are all important factors to consider when purchasing furniture for your patio, as you will need to buy furniture that can withstand these elements and still be useful throughout the year.

Tips for styling patio furniture

Choosing the right patio furniture for your space is not as straightforward as simply knowing what you want and buying the highest quality you can find. There is an art to making an outdoor entertainment space feel inviting and comfortable.

When you are designing your patio, it is important to measure the actual space first. This will ensure that all of your furniture fits into the space, but will also prevent you from buying furniture that is too small for the space.

Once you have the measurements of the space, it is important to consider the materials that you want in the space.

The best material for your patio furniture is usually determined by your decorating style, personal preference, the surrounding landscape and also the level of maintenance that you would like to do for your patio.

Although all of these considerations are important, one of the most important things when it comes to choosing the right patio furniture for your home, is ensuring that the furniture is comfortable and stylish.

Your outdoor entertainment space should be a place where people feel free to relax and socialize, and the furniture should help you to cultivate this relaxed atmosphere.

As for the style of your patio furniture, the color of this furniture can go a long way in ensuring that the style is reflective of your own style, the surroundings and the social setting of the space and there are a few colors that are always good choices for patio furniture.

Bold colors for patio furniture

An outdoor space could be the perfect setting for you to use bold, vivid colors in your designs. Patio spaces are usually open and airy, which means that the space will not easily feel overwhelming, even if you do use furniture with brighter colors.

Colors such as neon green, turquoise, purple, yellow and everything in between can be used in your patio furniture color scheme to make the space feel fun and unique.

Some designers even suggest going for your favorite colors for your patio furniture, as this guarantees that the space will appeal to you and your personal style and also that your space will be unique to your home.

If you do choose your favorite colors for your patio furniture, you might have to repaint to a more neutral color scheme if you ever decide to resell your house, but in the meantime, there is no reason not to use a bold color scheme for this space.

Using these vivid colors can also give you the perfect opportunity to use complimentary colors together, which will lead to an even more high contrast look.

For example, using these vibrant purple Neeryo throw pillow covers in the same design and color scheme as this bright yellow Amagabeli Metal Patio Side Table will create a complementary color scheme which can have a striking effect.

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This bold and vivid color scheme allows you to have a lot of fun while decorating and the opportunity to use colors which you would normally shy away from.

This should increase the overall energy in your outdoor entertainment space, which might create the right mood for social gatherings and celebrations.

Neutral colors for patio furniture

Bold and vivid color schemes are not to everyone’s taste. If you prefer a more subdued color scheme, neutral colors might be a better option for your patio furniture colors.

These colors are calming and natural and should create a good, neutral backdrop for you to add pops of other colors as accents within your outdoor space.

Neutral colors like white, cream, tan, beige and gray are always a popular option and they will appeal to most people. This means that you, your friends and family will be able to appreciate and enjoy a patio with a more neutral color scheme.

These neutral colors also work well with the colors usually found in nature, like greens, browns and yellows.

This will help you to create a patio design that almost blends into the natural elements of your garden and this can have a very relaxing effect, which makes this a perfect option if you want to use your patio as a peaceful escape.

There are many different neutral outdoor furniture options, but this Signature Design by Ashley Clare beige loveseat is an Amazon best seller, with many other matching pieces to complete your entire patio furniture set.

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The woodwork and the cushions of this loveseat are in very neutral colors, which allow you to add some color with pillows and throws, which can be easily changed as your style changes, which makes it a versatile and timeless piece.

Black for patio furniture

If you really want to make a statement, but you are not a fan of bright color schemes, black patio furniture might be the right option for your space. Black accents can quickly make your space feel more modern and sophisticated.

The intense, solid lines that black furniture has also create a contrast with softer, more organic forms that are usually found in nature, which will accentuate your furniture and really help to draw attention to your outdoor entertainment space.

A good example of black furniture with strong, solid lines is the Greesum 4 Pieces Patio Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set.

This set is also compact, which makes it perfect for smaller patios and the neutral color of the cushions, giving this set a warmer, more inviting look.

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Although black goes with all colors, it is also a very dark color, and this will automatically create a lot of contrast and defined lines within your patio design.

This makes for a striking, almost geometric look that instantly modernizes the space. Using black furniture pieces will make other colors in the rest of your design elements and décor pop, as they will stand out against this dark color.

Final thoughts

Any outdoor entertainment space like a patio needs to be specifically designed to fit your lifestyle and entertainment needs.

There are a lot of considerations that go into finding the right furniture for your patio space, which will fit into your personal style, the actual size of your patio and be comfortable enough to entertain multiple people easily.

The color of your furniture can help you to create this inviting and stylish entertainment space.

There are several broader color categories that work well for patio furniture. Bold and vivid colored furniture can add a lot of fun and energy to the space.

Whereas neutral colored furniture creates a calm and relaxing space to unwind. If you opt for black furniture, your space will be striking and elegant. The final choice is really up to you and your design of the space.