Coordinating colors with Greek Villa

Greek Villa is a bright white color that is slightly warm-toned; coordinating colors include many warm grays and darker colors, and clash with others

Greek Villa by Sherwin-Williams is a very soft white paint color that is a good option if you are looking for a brightening, all-over, white paint color for your house.

This warm white color of Greek Villa can create a welcoming and open atmosphere in your design, but it is important to understand the undertones and hues of this shade, first, if you want to find other coordinating colors that will go well with it.

Not all white paints are the same and Greek Villa is definitely unique in its warm, but not creamy, tone.

Even though it has some interesting undertones, there are plenty of coordinating colors that go well with this Greek Villa, and even some to stay away from if you want to create a cohesive color scheme.

About Greek Villa

Although it can be difficult to distinguish between the many different white paint colors in the Sherwin-Williams catalog, there are minute differences in each of these colors that make them unique and useful in different ways.

Greek Villa by Sherwin-Williams (SW 7551) is one of the warmer white colors in this range, and it is the perfect choice if you want to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your space. This color is an incredibly soft color, and it is warm, without being too creamy.

This softness is what has made it an addition to so many of Sherwin-Williams’ lines over the years, including: Free Spirit, Living Well, Timeless White, Rejuvenation – Fall/Winter 2021, Top 50 Colors, 2021 Tapestry and Finest Whites.

The beige undertones in this color make it a fairly neutral color choice, that works well when you want a light and bright color that will not end up looking too stark once it is on your walls.

However, when it comes to these lighter colors, it can become quite difficult to notice the nuances in order to match them to other colors in your design.

Coordinating colors with Greek Villa

When you are looking to develop a color scheme around any specific color, it is always important to examine the undertones, hues and reflection of your chosen color, first.

This will ensure that you have a good understanding of what is really happening within your color scheme, even if it is a light neutral color like Greek Villa, so that you can make informed choices for the rest of your design.

The most important aspect of finding colors to coordinate with Greek Villa is understanding the color’s undertones. Greek Villa has slight warm, beige undertones.

This undertone can lean towards a soft yellow, but once this color is on your walls or trim, it reflects more like a neutral white color with a tiny bit of warmth.

This gives the color a very subtle warmth, although it is less warm than other warm white colors like Cloud White by Benjamin Moore, or Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams.

Comparison of Greek Villa with other warm white paint colors

Greek Villa by Sherwin-Williams Cloud White by Benjamin Moore Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams

When you consider the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Greek Villa, you will see that it is a very light color at 84. The LRV of a color indicates, on a scale of 0 to 100, how much light a color reflects.

This means that lighter colors would have an LRV that is closer to 100, as they will reflect more light and darker colors will be closer to 0, as they reflect almost no light.

This high LRV makes Greek Villa a perfect shade if you want an all-over white color for your house, since it is not as stark as a pure, brilliant white color, which would measure near 94, but is still light enough to brighten up a space considerably.

When Greek Villa is compared to other, similar, warm white shades, it is evident that these undertones and the subtle differences in LRV can have a significant impact on the way that the color appears when it is actually on your walls.

This will also affect the way that Greek Villa looks when it is placed next to other colors, and how it interacts with these colors.

Gray colors that coordinate with Greek Villa

Since Greek Villa is such a comforting neutral shade, it tends to work well with other neutral shades.

Warm-toned grays are popular color choices to pair with Greek Villa, since the darker, more contemporary feel of the gray colors contrast just enough with the subdued warmth of Greek Villa.

When you create a color scheme that has softer, warm toned grays and Greek Villa, this can create a paired-back, monotone neutral look.

This can form a very calming base, which will give you the freedom to add more daring colors and patterns in other places in your design if you want to, with this base anchoring the entire design.

Some examples of these soft warm-toned gray colors that will coordinate well with Greek Villa include:

Shade Brand Color code Color swatch
Austere Gray Sherwin-Williams SW 6184
Fashionable Gray Sherwin-Williams SW 6275
Cityscape Sherwin-Williams SW 7067
Useful Gray Sherwin-Williams SW 7050
Gray Area Sherwin-Williams SW 7052

Darker colors that coordinate with Greek Villa

Brighter colors, especially white and off-white paint colors, are usually recommended colors for trims and moldings. Greek Villa works very well as a trim color, to round off your design with a soft border.

However, contemporary designs have started including various darker and bolder colors as trim colors, with lighter colored walls. For either of these options, Greek Villa is a perfect shade if you are looking to add some warmth to your overall design.

These light colors are often preferred when it comes to trims, because of the contrast that they inevitably have with darker colors.

There are several darker colors that pair well with Greek Villa, whether you are using the darker color as the wall color and Greek Villa as the trim color, or you are using Greek Villa as the primary color and the darker color as the accent.

The contrast between a darker color and a color with a high LRV, like Greek Villa, can help you create a lot of visual interest in your room design and this will lead to a more striking design.

Some examples of the coordinating darker colors that coordinate well with Greek Villa, include:

Shade Brand Color code Color swatch
Grays Harbor Sherwin-Williams SW 6236
Gibraltar Sherwin-Williams SW 6257
Illusive Green Sherwin-Williams SW 9164
In the Navy Sherwin-Williams SW 9178
Black Fox Sherwin-Williams SW 7020
Forest Wood Sherwin-Williams SW 7730
Studio Clay Sherwin-Williams SW 9172

Colors that do not coordinate with Greek Villa

Greek Villa is a very versatile color because it is so light and warm, but there are some colors to be aware of that just do not work well with Greek Villa.

The most important colors to stay away from when you are using Greek Villa are colors with pink or purple undertones, whether in other paint colors, furniture, or rugs.

These colors will clash with the little bit of green that is present in Greek Villa, and your entire color scheme may end up looking unappealing and disjointed.

The green undertone in Greek Villa is not very prominent, but when it is placed next to colors with purple and pink undertones, it does tend to lean to a greener tone and it can end up looking entirely different to the soft, warm white look that you had intended for.

It is also recommended that you use Greek Villa in south-facing rooms, where there is naturally a lot of warm light to enhance the natural tones in the paint.

When Greek Villa is placed in a north-facing room, where there is little to no light and the lighting that is present is cool-toned, it could end up looking flat and dull, rather than cozy and bright like you intended.

In this situation, Greek Villa will not work well paired with other colors, because it will lose all of its own vibrancy, if you do not have adequate lighting in the room.

Final thoughts

Greek Villa is one of Sherwin-Williams’ top paint colors for a reason. This color is a soft and warm white shade that will make your design and space feel dreamy and inviting.

Like all white colors, Greek Villa might seem unassuming when you first look at it, but after you have examined the beige undertones and LRV, it becomes clear that this color is nuanced and can be used intentionally to create various atmospheres, depending on your personal designs style and preference.

Greek Villa is a light neutral shade, which means that it pairs well with other light, warm gray colors and even darker colors for some added contrast and interest. There are also some scenarios where this Greek Villa will not work within a color scheme.