Colors that work with honey oak cabinets, trim, floors and even furniture pieces

There are analogous and complementary colors, as well as classic color combinations like black and white, which work well with honey oak.

Color is one of the most important considerations for the harmony and mood of any room’s design.

Choosing colors that work with or complement honey oak elements in your room can help you create your desired effect throughout your design in any room.

Additionally, your color scheme can help you tone down or accentuate the tones in your honey oak elements.

The importance of color theory in interior design

Color is an incredibly important aspect of interior design. Understanding how different colors interact with each other can help you create a space that is harmonious and that reflects your personal taste.

The effect that the right color scheme can have on a room also stretches beyond the visual appearance of its design, since certain color schemes can have a psychological effect on the mood and feeling of and within a room.

Colors that work with honey oak

Honey oak cabinets, trim, floors, and even furniture pieces are common features in many designs, and although the look of honey oak can sometimes feel outdated, choosing the right colors to complement your honey oak can make all the difference.

Since color can have such a transformative effect on a space, you can also use certain colors in your interior design to bring out the best in your honey oak elements or to tone down the elements that you do not like in order to create a harmonious space around these honey oak elements.

In order to understand how color theory can help you design a space around honey oak elements, it is important that you understand honey oak, as your base color, first.

Although the name suggests that honey oak has a yellowy color, in reality, the warmth of the wood and the sun damage to wood stains over time mean that honey oak tends to have a more orangey-red color to it.

This means that you can either choose to harmonise with this warm orange color of the honey oak elements by choosing other colors with similar tones, or you could pick colors with a blue or green undertone, which will tone down the orange tones in the honey oak.

Furthermore, classic color choices such as white and black can help you create striking accents with your honey oak pieces.

Analogous colors that work well with honey oak

Analogous color schemes in designs incorporate similar colors throughout the design. The elements in this color scheme consist of three or four main colors that would be next to each other if you saw them on a color wheel.

This makes for a very harmonious and, in the case of honey oak where many orange and red tones are involved, a warm and comforting color scheme for the entire design.

Some examples of colors that work well for this kind of scheme include shades of taupe and other creamy beiges or warm grey colors.

Steamed Milk by Sherwin Williams (SW 7554) is a good example of a warm-toned taupe shade that is similar to honey oak wood in tone.

Shades similar to this paint color in soft furnishings such as pillows, couches, rugs, and more will work well to create an analogous color scheme around honey oak elements.

Complementary colors that work well with honey oak

If the orange tones in the honey oak elements of your design are bothering you, the best way to go about toning down these shades is to focus on using more greener and bluer colors throughout your design.

Since these colors are opposites to the orange and red tones on the color wheel, they help neutralise the overall appearance of your honey oak elements.

Some specific examples of blue-toned colors that work well if you want to neutralise the orange appearance of your honey oak in your design include colors similar to Benjamin Moore’s Pleasant Valley (696).

This is a green-toned blue paint that is subtle, but contrasts just enough with the orange undertones in your honey oak wood.

White and black with honey oak wood

White and black colors will always be a classic color combination and they work well with most interior design color schemes. This is also true in the case of designs that need to work around honey oak elements and complement.

Using black and white as accent colors in your design, can help to create some contrast in your design for a retro color-blocking effect.