Choosing the best wall paint colors for gray floors

It can be difficult to choose the best paint color for your wall to match with your gray floors but taking the undertone of your flooring into account can help.

The versatility and classic look of gray flooring has made it a popular design choice for almost every room in the house. Gray flooring allows for other design elements and colors that have been added to a room, to stand out and shine.

When designing a room around gray flooring, choosing a wall color is often the first step. The neutrality of gray flooring does not necessarily mean that your floors will go well with every wall color.

The undertone of your gray flooring and the overall feeling which you would like to create within your chosen space, can help you to determine which wall colors will work best.

The gray flooring design trend

Gray flooring has become a popular way to add an edgy modern, yet relaxed and authentic feel to a room.

Gray flooring is simple but adds more of a designed and sophisticated feeling to a space than regular wood floors. Thus, it can be used in almost any room in the house.

A gray-toned floor is the perfect base for a room, as anything from pastels to bright colors can be added on top of this color to deliver different effects. Gray can be the perfect versatile, neutral starting point for the design of your space.

This versatility is the reason that gray flooring has become such a popular design choice in many homes.

The neutral tone of a gray floor means that homeowners and decorators can add different furniture and paint into a gray-floored room and create any look and feel that they want to.

Gray floors can be the stage for anything from a modern, clean bedroom, to a relaxed living room, as the color stands on its own, but does not compete with other design elements in the room.

8 best wall paint colors for gray floors

Although gray flooring is a neutral base to start your room’s design from, matching your wall color to your gray flooring can be quite tricky.

Gray flooring, whether it be wood, rugs, carpet, laminate or tile can vary drastically in terms of undertone and depending on the lighting in the room.

The gray used in your flooring might have a slightly warm or cool undertone, and this will affect how the color interacts with other colors in the room.

Warmer gray floors have a more yellow beige color. This type of gray creates a warmer feeling within a room and is usually used in bedrooms.

The base material of the flooring can also have an impact on the tone of the gray, stone and wood usually have more brown and yellow tones when used in flooring.

Cooler gray flooring will have a blue tone and a colder look and feel. This tone is most commonly used in modern, sleek designs.

It is also important to establish the specific undertone of your gray flooring, as designers agree that you should use warmer tones with warmer tones and cool with cool, to get the most harmonious design within any space.

Therefore, if you have a warmer gray floor, wall paint with a warm undertone will also work well. The same principle will work for cooler tones.

Within the broad categories of warm, cold and neutral tones, there are specific colors that generally work well within a design with gray flooring and colors which will not work well.

The colors in each of these categories can be summarized as follows:

Floor undertone Wall colors which will work well
Cool gray floors
  • Smoky blue
  • Navy blue
  • Gray green
Warm gray floors
  • Gray yellow wall
  • Gray brown wall
  • Dusty pink wall
Both cool and warm toned gray floors
  • Neutral white
  • Contrasting gray

Cool wall color for gray floors

If you have cool toned gray floors, it is best to match this with cool toned wall paint as a warm color may cause too much contrast and make the space feel disjointed.

The simplest way to find a cool toned color is to try to find a color that looks like it has been mixed with a light gray. This cool color scheme goes well with different metal finishes and creates a calming feeling within a room.

Smoky blue colors can work very well with cool toned gray floors and can often create a calming environment within a room.

There are various places to purchase smoky blue paint, such as the Boomerang Eco-Friendly Interior Paint, Eggshell Finish, Azure that is available to purchase from Amazon.

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Dark or navy blues also work well with cool toned gray floors and it is a very trendy color choice for rooms like man-caves or studies.

Here, In the Navy by Sherwin-Williams will be a good potential option, and it is also available on the Sherwin-Williams website.

Gray-toned greens or dusty, pale greens can also be used within a room with gray flooring. When using greens, it is advised to stay away from very bright greens such as turquoises or mint colors.

The RECOLOR Paint Recycled Interior Latex Paint in Glass will work well in a cool toned design.

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These cooler colors will work in harmony with your cool toned floors and create a calming, clean effect within your rooms.

Warm wall color for gray floors

If you have a room with warm toned gray flooring, it is best to also choose warm toned paint colors for your walls.

Although using a striking red or orange color as an accent wall within a warm-toned space can be effective, it can also overwhelm the space. Therefore, using a more muted yellow or brown color can be an effective way to add warmth to the color of your walls.

If you are concerned with your space feeling drab and gloomy because of the gray floors, yellow can be an effective color to add brightness to your design.

The Sunshine color by Boomerang Eco-Friendly Interior Paint that is also available on Amazon, is a more neutral yellow color which will add warmth to your room but not be too distracting.

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A gray-toned brown color can also bring added warmth into a space. Brown can add a natural and luxurious feel to a room and pairs well with different wood textures and animal print.

The Montage Signature Interior/Exterior Eco-Friendly Paint in Dove Gray is the perfect neutral to warm-toned brown beige color to complement  most warm-toned gray floors.

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Dusty rose colors can also be an effective way to bring pops of color into a space. A rosy color on the walls can warm up your space and allow you to bring other softer tones, like pastels into your space when you are decorating.

The RECOLOR Paint Recycled Chalk Latex Paint in Posie can be an effective way to contrast your gray flooring with a bit of brightness.

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Warmer wall colors can be a very effective way to bring out the warmer tones in your gray floors in order to brighten up your space and make it feel warm and welcoming.

Neutral wall color for gray floors

Many people have gray flooring, because it provides them with a blank canvas for decoration. If you do not want your wall colors to interfere with this blank canvas, there are several neutral wall colors to consider.

Whites will generally work within any design and are the perfect neutral when you want your space to feel open and light.

Once again, it is important to ensure that you choose a neutral white or an off-white which matches the tone of your flooring. Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams is an excellent neutral white option.

If you would prefer to use gray walls with your gray flooring, it is best to choose a gray color that will contrast with your flooring in order to add depth to your room.

Using a dark gray, like Cityscape by Sherwin-Williams to accent and contrast a lighter gray wall and vice versa.

Medium-toned grays can be a difficult color to use with gray flooring, as this may make the walls and floors blend together, which will make the room flat and lifeless.

Just as with gray flooring – it is important to remember that although a color may look neutral, it may have warmer or cooler undertones, which you will have to match to your flooring to ensure the best possible design.


Rooms with gray flooring can range from comforting bedrooms, to ultra-modern kitchens and everything in between. With this kind of range, it can be difficult to decide which wall color will look best with your gray floors.

Once you have determined the exact undertone of your specific gray floors, you can begin to match your wall color to that undertone.

Cool gray floors can be paired with gray blues, navy colors or even gray green colors. Warm gray floors will pair best with colors in the yellow, brown and rose families.

If you prefer to keep your floors and wall neutral white, then a contrasting gray color will work well within your space. Keeping this in mind will ensure that your entire room’s design is harmonious and has the effect you were looking for.