Choosing better towel colors for a gray bathroom

Knowing which color towels to choose for a gray colored bathroom, which is known to be very neutral, can be a tricky process.

Gray is a popular color to use in bathroom designs, because of the calming feeling this color can create.

Gray is a very versatile color which has been added to the walls, floors, bathtubs and other elements in modern day bathrooms, to create the backdrop for the rest of the bathroom’s design.

Given its neutral tones, gray bathrooms can sometimes feel dull and cold, but there are various design elements which can be added to give the space some added flair and interest.

One of these elements – and an important element in any bathroom at that – is the bathroom towels.

It can be quite tricky to decide on a specific color of towel to offset the very neutral tones of a gray bathroom and bring some added life and comfortably to the space.

Fortunately, there are some tips and tricks that will help you to narrow down the exact hue that will help you to create the effect you want within the space.

The gray bathroom trend

Gray has become a popular color to use for bathroom designs. This popularity is due to the fact that the color can vary so drastically from a pastel gray to a dark gray, with warm or cool undertones.

This ensures that both homeowners and decorators will be able to find a gray tone and color which matches their design aesthetic, whether it be country cottage or modern loft, perfectly.

Gray is often seen as a very neutral color, but by playing with the undertones in your grays, the balance of colors and light in the room and other decorative elements, this color can really be the base of some exciting bathroom designs.

This neutrality is not only a bonus when it comes to decorating, but it helps to create a calm setting within your bathroom.

Gray is a strong and steady color, and when it is used abundantly within a small space such as a bathroom, it can help to add a cool and relaxed mood within that space.

Concrete walls and flooring, tiles, marble paint and even accent pieces like gray tubs and rugs are the most common ways to make this color a real feature in bathroom designs.

Once you have established your gray backdrop, it can be quite tricky to find other elements to complete your bathroom design, which will not end up making the bathroom feel cold and monotonous.

How to decorate a gray bathroom

No matter which undertone or shade of the gray color you want to use in your bathroom, there are a few tips and tricks when it comes to designing and decorating a gray bathroom, which can help you to create a classically stylish space.

Given the utilitarian feeling which many people associate with gray, adding natural elements to your design will help to make your space more inviting.

Natural wood tones can help to warm up a space where the gray color feels dark and gloomy. Adding greenery to your bathroom can also be a great way to bring a little life back into the space.

Bold wallpaper options are also a good way to add in other colors to your bathroom, or just add visual interest in the same gray tones.

Other ways to add some visual interest to a space include adding textured tiles or even flooring. These textures or patterns will also help to reflect light throughout the room to create dimension to help the space feel more exciting.

To break up the monotony of an all-gray bathroom, it is always a good idea to add a patterned rug or tiles to add some color back into the room.

Adding softer features such as rugs or art on the walls can also help the space to feel more inviting and comforting.

A neutral gray backdrop can also be the perfect way to make your more glamorous accents stand out.

Elements such as shiny light fixtures or hardware can really have their time to shine when they are placed in a bathroom next to a neutral gray color.

What color towels for a gray bathroom

Bathroom towels can also be a great accent piece in a bathroom to add color or visual interest to the space, but it can be difficult to know which color towels go with a gray bathroom.

Light towels for gray bathrooms

Choosing light colored towels can be a way to soften and brighten up your gray bathroom. Lighter colors will blend well with lighter grays and help to create a more rustic, cottage or farmhouse feel within the bathroom.

However, when lighter towels are placed against darker grays, the contrast between the light and dark can help to create a sense of balance in the room.

This contrast will also create visual interest, which will help to make the gray bathroom feel less dull and more modern.

Pairing pure white towels with your gray bathroom will always give a classic, clean look.

White towels are often associated with a spa-like feel and this, when paired with a calming gray color can help to make your bathroom feel very fresh and relaxing.

White towels are also very practical, as they can be used with almost any bathroom design and you will not have to change the towels every time you change the overarching color scheme in your bathroom.

Using light gray bathroom towels instead of a pure white will have the same overall effect, but help to keep the overall color scheme more neutral. This will be especially effective if you are going for an edgy monotone look in your bathroom.

Pastel colored towels in pastel pinks or greens, for example is another effective way to add a bit of life to your bathroom. This way, you can add subtle pops of color to break up the gray for a unique look.

This way, you can keep the overall neutral color scheme but play around with subtle colors that will not overwhelm the room.

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Dark towels for gray bathrooms

If the lighter end of the spectrum when it comes to bathroom towels, is not for you, there are various dark towel colors which will work well within a gray bathroom too.

Dark colors such as black, navy and charcoal can help to ground your space and design. This is also an effective way to create balance and depth in a dull and monotonous feeling bathroom.

Adding darker colored towels can also help to bring a bit of drama to your bathroom design, which can also reinforce a more classic or industrial look and feel within the space.

Adding navy towels and other navy accents in your bathroom can help to create a sophisticated and modern feel.

As long as your bathroom has lots of natural light or other brighter elements to balance out this dark color, it should not overwhelm the space even if your bathroom is a darker gray.

If you want to bring a darker color into your towels but are afraid of committing to a solid darker towel, a striking pattern with darker accents might be the right choice.

A bold patterned towel will work in the same manner as a patterned tile to bring visual interest to the space.

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Bold towels for gray bathrooms

A neutral gray colored bathroom does not mean that you need to only add neutral accessories. Bold, colorful towels can be the perfect way to bring a bit of personality and life to your gray bathroom.

Colored towels like orange, terra cotta, coral, yellow, mustard, teal and turquoise will really stand out when used in a gray bathroom.

This can also be an effective way to tie in other elements in your bathroom, like rugs and artwork, by mirroring these colors in your towel colors. Using an array of colored towels can also help to change around the look and feel of your bathroom every now and then.

Using colored towels with greens or oranges can also help to complement natural elements like plants or wood within your bathroom.

Enhancing the presence of these natural elements will help to breathe some added life into the space, or even to just warm up the space and make it more inviting.

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Gray bathrooms are a popular choice amongst homeowners and designers, as the neutral gray color enables you to create striking designs by adding different design elements.

Adding different types of flooring, tiles, wallpaper, natural elements and finishes can really help you to create a specific look and feel within your gray bathroom.

Bathroom towels are not just functional but can help to accentuate your design even further.

Choosing the right color for your bathroom towel, between lighter towels, darker towels and bold colored towels can really help to create the design style that you desire within your space, by contrasting or accentuating different features to create visual interest and ensure that your gray bathroom does not feel monotonous or bland.