Car Masters: Rust to Riches – How Gotham Garage avoided a Ferrari lawsuit

Ferrari is notorious for protecting its reputation at all costs, but the brand has seemingly not yet reached out to Gotham Garage about the “Green Ferrari”.

Mark Towle and the Gotham Garage team have made waves with their “Green Ferrari” build, but this eccentric design has not warranted a lawsuit from the brand just yet.

Car Masters: Rust to Riches – How Gotham Garage avoided a Ferrari lawsuit

Luxury brands often derive their appeal from a certain impeccable reputation and exclusivity.

And to keep this reputation intact, many luxury brands have headed to the courts in vicious Copyright battles to protect their illustrious brands from any potential damage.

Ferrari is no exception to this rule, and this luxury car brand has actually built quite the reputation for dragging automotive enthusiasts to court.

However, Mark Towle and the rest of the Gotham Garage have seemingly been able to fly under Ferrari’s radar undetected with their “Green Ferrari” build.

The reasons for the lack of ‘cease and desist’ efforts in the case remain unknown, but it has had the automotive community up in arms since season five of Car Masters: Rust to Riches premiered.

Ferrari’s many lawsuits

As the story goes, Enzo Ferrari was so dead-set on protecting his reputation that he used to personally oversee every Ferrari that needed to be destroyed.

And this feverish protection of this much-beloved brand seems to have transferred to the modern-day Ferrari executives.

More recently, Ferrari has been involved in a host of lawsuits trying to protect its brand, ranging from battles over nicknames like Deadmau5’s “Purrai” to conflicts about replicas like Periodismo Del Motor’s Ford Cougar mod.

Though the Green Ferrari has seemingly not elicited the same outraged response (for now).

Some fans think a lawsuit would be justified

The Ferrari legal department still technically has some time to change their minds about suing Mark and the Gotham Garage team for this 360 Spider build.

And some gearheads have actually insisted that the company should take legal action against this beloved team.

In fact, the criticism of this build has been very widespread, with everything from the spider web design to the paintjob being called into question.

How much would a Ferrari lawsuit cost Gotham Garage?

Mark and the team at Gotham Garage never hold back when it comes to designing and building out-of-the-box cars.

But a lawsuit with Ferrari would certainly not be the first time that this television show host finds himself in a heated legal battle with a large company.

Mark was actually in a bit of legal trouble back in 2011 when the Warner Bros. filed a lawsuit against him for a “Batmobile” replica-build.

And while there is no way of knowing what a lawsuit between Ferrari and Gotham Garage would entail until the lawsuit is actually filed, we do know that this previous lawsuit cost Mark upwards of $20,000.