Brand name stores at Sandton City’s The Diamond Walk

The Diamond Walk is arguably the most extravagant shopping experience in Johannesburg, as it offers a wide selection of exclusive name brands at its diamond-themed walkway.

The Diamond Walk in Sandton City houses many of the country’s flagship stores for international brands. With the shopping centre being known to have exclusive stores, The Diamond Walk is a cut above the rest. Visiting the diamond-themed walkway has become a tourist attraction, with people from across the country wanting first-hand viewing of the brand name stores.

  1. Gucci

With pieces from the latest collections, the Sandton City-based Gucci store maintains the same standard and relevance as the international branches. It also allows customers to book appointments, which enables staff members to give them the required undivided attention upon their visit.

  1. Cartier

Known as one of the most popular jewellery brands in the modern era, the Cartier store offers all the pieces seen on the rich and famous. The Sandton City store also has a repair clinic for any pieces that may have been recently purchased or passed down for generations.

  1. Tag Heuer

Watch experts are found at this Sandton City-based store to share advice and information on the brand’s watch selection. Customers are able to see many of the latest pieces from the new collections, which are also available internationally.

Sayushka Naidoo