Benjamin Moore vs PPG paint

Benjamin Moore and PPG are pretty well matched, but Benjamin Moore has slightly better coverage and PPG has more affordable prices.

The quality of paint varies from one brand to the next, which ultimately influences the way that your project looks when it is finished.

Benjamin Moore and PPG are both popular paint brands, but where Benjamin Moore is just slightly ahead in quality, PPG is the better option for a tight budget.

Does brand matter when it comes to paint?

Choosing the right paint for a project is rarely as simple as selecting a color that you like. There are so many different paint brands available on the market and each of these brands have their own pros and cons.

However, if you are going through all of the trouble of tackling a large paint project, the brand of paint that you choose will be a crucial step in ensuring that you get a professional-looking final product.

Benjamin Moore vs PPG paint

If you want your finished project to look neat and professional, it is always best to stick to the popular paint brands.

Even though well-known brands like Benjamin Moore and PPG may seem expensive compared to extremely low-budget options, the finish and durability of these brands cannot be overlooked.

Both Benjamin Moore and PPG are popular paint brands that have been on the market for years and are widely trusted by contractors, DIY-experts and designers.

Both of these brands have a vast variety of products and have spent years developing proprietary technologies, which make their paint easier to use and better in the long term.

Although this is not a bad thing, it does make them difficult to compare, since things like coverage, finish, dry-time, price, durability, leveling and other factors can differ from one product line to the next, even under the same brand.

Both of these brands are excellent choices when it comes to high-quality paint that will ensure a beautiful and long-lasting finish for your next project, but the winner between the two will really depend on your own priorities.

Both Benjamin Moore and PPG paints offer fair coverage and durability, but PPG will definitely give you better value for money if you are on a budget, whereas Benjamin Moore will give you a professional application and stunning finish if money is no object.

How good is the coverage of Benjamin Moore and PPG paints?

The kind of one-coat coverage that a paint brand has is usually the first point where you can distinguish a more expensive paint from a less expensive one.

In this case, it is best to compare the coverage of Benjamin Moore’s Aura Interior Paint to that of PPG’s Marble Hall Interior Latex, since these are the high-quality premium product lines from each brand.

Both of these Benjamin Moore and PPG paints have very good coverage in one coat, but Benjamin Moore excels slightly, taking the first place in this category, because the paint not only covers well, but it also levels easily and cures fairly quickly.

How do the prices of Benjamin Moore and PPG paints compare?

It is likely that Benjamin Moore paints are more expensive on average because the paint simply has more pigment (which would also be the reason why it covers and levels so well). It is usually the case that you get what you pay for with popular paint brands.

However, PPG is so close to Benjamin Moore in the final look and quality once the paint has been applied that this brand offers far better bang for your buck, overall.

The slight difference in the quality of the paint should only really be noticeable if you want to finish your project as soon as possible or if you are working with colors that tend to look streaky.

Other considerations

Coverage and price are usually the main considerations when comparing two popular paint brands like Benjamin Moore and PPG. But in reality, there are a lot of things to consider before you can decide which brand is best for you.

Both Benjamin Moore and PPG paints are sold in their own stores, online and through various big box retailers, which means that availability should not influence your decision too much.

Instead, it may be better to focus on the specific project and outcomes that you have in mind.

For instance, PPG’s Breakthrough product line may be the winner if you are looking for an incredibly durable and quick-drying product with which to paint your cabinets.

But if you were looking to paint your bathroom walls, Benjamin Moore’s Aura Bath and Spa Paint technology will be the winner.