Benjamin Moore Turquoise Mist (695)

The Benjamin Moore Turquoise Mist (695) shade is a calming blue-green color with striking pistachio tones which will work well in a cool color scheme.

A blue-green color can be exactly what you need to liven up a cool-toned color scheme that is looking too dull.

Benjamin Moore Turquoise Mist (695) is a blue-green shade with pistachio undertones. This will be the exact right choice if you want your space to feel calming and sophisticated, but grounded.

Is a blue-green color scheme right for you?

Blue-green color schemes have been around for a while, but unlike other fleeting color trends, they still remain one of the top choices for both classic and modern designs.

This category of colors includes everything from turquoise,  teal and blue-grays, to robin’s or duck-egg and is often the best choice when a cool-toned scheme is in need of a bright pop of color.

These hues are especially popular for interior schemes when homeowners want a bit of whimsy, but do not want to sacrifice the serenity or sophistication of the space.

Benjamin Moore Turquoise Mist (695)

Blue-green paint colors of all different kinds are certainly having a moment right now, but one blue-green shade that is often sadly passed over is Benjamin Moore’s Turquoise Mist (695).

Although this shade is often under-appreciated, it is one of the most unique cool-toned shades on the market.

Turquoise Mist has all the building blocks of the perfect light blue color, but it also has the slightest hint of a pistachio-green within its undertones.

This gives the color an incredibly unique appearance that moves away from the expected gray that so many other cool tones lean into.

This means that Turquoise Mist has the same kind of spa-like sophistication that any other light blue shade has, but it also has a very natural and organic feel.

This ensures that the color keeps its cool edge, but never looks too industrial or stark. This is probably also why Benjamin Moore decided to include this color in their “Classics” collection.

Turquoise Mist is not Benjamin Moore’s only green-toned blue shade, but the shade’s green undertone is especially evident when it is used in low-light spaces.

Using Turquoise Mist in your design’s color scheme can be a great way to ensure that your north-facing rooms do not feel too drab or dull, even if you tend to stick with cooler tones.

The color also works well in warm lighting, but it will lose some of its intensity when it is used in spaces with a lot of direct, natural light.

Turquoise Mist’s LRV

Turquoise Mist has an LRV of 60.22, which makes it a fairly light color. LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and this number indicates how much light a certain color will reflect.

Turquoise Mist reflects over 60 percent of the light that hits the color, which means that most designers will regard it as a colour that has  a brightening effect within a space.

Though this color is fairly light, it has enough saturation to ensure that it will never look washed out when the lighting in the space changes.

This means that you will have to pay extra close attention to ensuring that it coordinates with the other colors in your color scheme.

Other similar Benjamin Moore blue-green colors

At first glance, paint colors in the same blue-green color category might all appear the same, but when you place these colors directly next to each other, you will see how different each of them actually are.

For instance, Sage Tint has more of a gray-sage undertone than pistachio and it is darker than Turquoise Mist. Palladian Blue, on the other hand, is considerably softer than Turquoise Mist, even though they have a similar LRV, as shown below:

Turquoise Mist (695) Sage Tint (458) Palladian Blue (HC-144)

How to create a coordinating color scheme with Benjamin Moore Turquoise Mist

Though Turquoise Mist might look slightly intimidating initially, the color’s high LRV means that it can be used quite easily in a color scheme with darker colors that have the same kind of green, earthy undertones.

This includes colors like Scenic Drive, Garden Oasis and Enchanted Forest, which will all emphasize Turquoise Mist’s green undertones, as you will see in the table below:

Turquoise Mist
Scenic Drive
Garden Oasis
Enchanted Forest

You can also use Turquoise Mist as the pop of color in schemes that play with other cool tones. Turquoise Mist pairs particularly well with Swiss Coffee, New Providence Navy and Cloud White, as displayed below:

Turquoise Mist (695)
Swiss Coffee
New Providence Navy
Cloud White