Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee vs White Dove

Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee and White Dove are both warm off-white colors, but Swiss coffee is creamier and White Dove is brighter.

White paint colors are not all the same, even though they might appear to be similar at first. This is why it is so important to find the right shade for your space.

Though Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee and White Dove do look remarkably similar, they have subtle differences that make each of them better suited to different projects.

Choosing the right white paint shade

At first you may think that settling on a white shade for your newest project will simplify the entire design process, but in actuality, there is often much more to a white paint color than meets the eye.

Very few “white” paint colors are truly white, and like any other paint color, these shades have undertones and differences in hue that may only be visible in the final project.

As a result, choosing the right white paint color for your next project may be more complicated than you first imagined, though it is possible to do if you do your research.

Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee vs White Dove

Choosing the perfect white paint for your space is not always as simple as selecting a shade that looks nice in the store. For this reason, it is often best to turn to popular, fan-favorite white shades that have been used time and time again.

Some of the designer-favorite and top-selling white shades from the Benjamin Moore range that keep making an appearance on various “Best White Paints” lists over the years are Swiss Coffee and White Dove.

Both of these shades are part of Benjamin Moore’s off-white collection. They are great options if you are looking for a white paint shade that will bring a subtle creaminess and warmth to your space.

Benjamin Moore’s White Dove has a slightly warm grey undertone, but is bright enough to look almost white when it is painted in a room.

The fact that this shade never runs the risk of appearing too stark is exactly what makes it so incredibly versatile for both the interior and the exterior walls of homes.

Swiss Coffee looks almost identical to White Dove in the right lighting circumstances and has the same warm, creamy look once it is actually in the space.

Since these shades are so similar, the best choice between the two will be determined by the kind of look that you want from the finished product.

White Dove is best if you want a bright, crisper white, which is not too cool-toned, but Swiss Coffee will be best if you really want a soft, warm glow throughout the space.

The LRVs and undertones of Swiss Coffee and White Dove

Even though White Dove and Swiss Coffee may look similar at first glance, there are actually a few subtleties that separate them.

The most apparent difference, which you may only notice once Swiss Coffee and White Dove are placed directly next to each other (as they are below), is that Swiss Coffee is significantly more warm-toned than White Dove and has a more apparent yellow undertone. White Dove is also slightly lighter than Swiss Coffee.

Color name Swiss Coffee – Benjamin Moore White Dove – Benjamin Moore
Color Code OC-45 OC-17
LRV 81.91 83.16

Is Swiss Coffee too creamy?

Where White Dove has slightly warm grey undertones, Swiss Coffee has yellow-toned undertones, which can make the color appear much warmer when it is actually painted on the walls or surface of your choice.

In fact, the color has been known to reflect as slightly green in some lighting situations.

If you do want to use Swiss Coffee in a room with lots of warm lighting, you need to be cognizant of the fact that this will accentuate Swiss Coffee’s creaminess, and the color may end up looking more yellow or even golden.

Can Swiss Coffee and White Dove be used on trim?

Swiss Coffee and White Dove are both extremely versatile colors and can be used in most spaces around your home, including bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, entryways, offices and more.

White Dove works especially well as an accent color on trim and ceilings because it is so light and bright.

Swiss Coffee can work on trim and ceilings as well, but because it is slightly warmer than White Dove, it can appear dull or even muddy if the lighting in the room is not right. This is why White Dove is the better choice for a warm-toned trim color.

Can Swiss Coffee and White Dove be used on exteriors?

One of the reasons why White Dove and Swiss Coffee are considered so versatile is because they are used on the exteriors of homes almost as often as they are used on the interiors.

White Dove’s subtle warmth makes it perfect for exterior use, because it never looks stark, even in direct natural lighting.

Swiss Coffee is a popular choice as an exterior color on vintage homes, since it is less of a crisp off-white shade and more of a soft, golden color.

When is it best to use Swiss Coffee?

Swiss Coffee is often the better choice if you are looking for a color that leans more towards off-white than white. This color works well in homes with traditional, contemporary, coastal or farmhouse designs.

Swiss Coffee works especially well in spaces that lean into an earthy color scheme and will work cohesively with other earthy grays, beiges and greens. The color will not work in spaces where there are already many purple-pink tones.

When is it best to use White Dove?

White Dove has become a decorator’s favorite over the years, because the color is so versatile and bright that it works with just about any decorating style. In fact, it has even become a popular all-over paint color.

Many designers and homeowners have found that painting an entire room (ceilings, walls, cabinets and trim included) with different finishes of White Dove is an excellent way to create a blank backdrop for a room where you want the furniture, art and decorations to shine.