Benjamin Moore Collingwood: A contemporary light neutral choice

The Collingwood shade by Benjamin Moore is light enough and just warm enough to make it an incredibly versatile shade in cooler-toned spaces.

Light neutral paint colors give you the versatility to play around, but these colors do not have to be boring.

Benjamin Moore’s Collingwood, for example, is an incredibly versatile light neutral color. It has just the right LRV and interesting violet tone to work in almost any contemporary color scheme.

Why light neutral paint colors are always a good choice

The Pinterest trends have shifted from warm creamy neutrals to more moody taupes and greiges in the last few years.

But whatever your personal preference is, there is no denying that light neutral paint colors are an excellent choice for just about any space.

Just because these cream colors, off-whites, beiges, greiges and grays appear understated and paired-back, this does not mean that a light neutral paint color cannot be interesting and complex.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood: A contemporary light neutral choice

Benjamin Moore’s Collingwood (OC-28) is one light gray paint color that has not only climbed the brand’s best-seller list, but has also become a favorite amongst designers and homeowners.

Especially those who want a super versatile, yet interesting neutral color to elevate their designs.

Collingwood has become such a fan-favorite shade because it hovers around the middle mark on many spectrums.

Benjamin Moore technically classifies this paint color as an off-white, but since it has a lower LRV, it tends to appear more like a light, mid-tone shade once it is actually in a space.

This makes it the perfect choice for an all-over color in a cooler-leaning, contemporary design. Collingwood is also often referred to as a greige or a warm gray.

But do not let this label mislead you, Collingwood has some significant purple undertones and although the lighting in your space will (of course) influence the way this color looks within your room, Collingwood will never look as creamy as a true warm-toned greige.

Although a purple-toned gray color can seem intimidating, this is exactly what lends this color its versatility and what makes it such a popular choice.

Collingwood is truly a great choice if you are looking for a neutral gray color which is subtle enough to not take over the entire space, but that has enough of a purple tone to give your design that contemporary edge without making the space feel too dull or drab.

Benjamin Moore Collingwood: The details

Collingwood, like most other light neutrals, can look deceptively simple at first glance.

In order to get the best out of this color when you are using it in your next design, you need to start with the basic details  before you can move on to actually incorporating Collingwood into your space.

The basics include:

Details Collingwood – Benjamin Moore
Color swatch
Color code OC-28 (also sometimes known as Collingwood 859)
LRV 62.14
Undertones Violet
Collections Off-White Color Collection and Classic Color Collection

How Collingwood will change based on your lighting

Collingwood’s 62 LRV means that the color has just enough depth to it to pack a punch in brighter rooms, but it is still bright enough to use in rooms in which the lighting is just average.

However, Collingwood is somewhat of a chameleon color, and it is noteworthy that this color will likely shift slightly based on the color and tone of your lighting.

Collingwood tends to look more like a true-neutral gray in north-facing rooms, or in other spaces where the lighting is generally cooler, like where you are dealing with shadowy patches.

On the other hand, very warm light tends to bring out the slightly warmer side of Collingwood. This can tone down any overly-warm tones without taking all of the life out of the room.

Collingwood versus other similar colors

The best way to really see all of the complexities in a light neutral color like Collingwood is to place the color directly next to other, very similar colors.

For instance, when you place Collingwood alongside the other Benjamin Moore favorite, Balboa Mist, Collingwood’s violet undertones become even more apparent:

Collingwood – Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist – Benjamin Moore

These undertones are also apparent when you place Collingwood next to a true, warm gray color like Sherwin-Williams’s Agreeable Gray, as shown below:

Collingwood – Benjamin Moore Agreeable Gray – Sherwin-Williams

However, when you place Collingwood next to a cooler gray, like Benjamin Moore Pale Oak, it is evident that although the color has purple undertones, it is not a true cool-toned gray, either:

Collingwood – Benjamin Moore Pale Oak – Sherwin-Williams

Colors that coordinate well with Collingwood

Collingwood is an incredibly versatile color, and it is the perfect colour to pair with just about any other color in a cooler-leaning contemporary design.

This includes other Benjamin Moore paint colors that share some of the same violet undertones, such as:

Color name Color swatch
Taos Taupe
Amazon Soil
White Dove

Flooring options that go with Collingwood

Since Collingwood is such a light, mid-tone shade, the color can work well with quite a few flooring options.

Collingwood is pigmented and dark enough to ground brighter and lighter floors, but it can also create quite a bit of contrast with darker floors.

Collingwood pairs especially well with dark wood tones, since it has just enough warmth to coordinate with the natural warmth in the wood, without making your space feel overly-warm and creamy.

This is what makes Collingwood such an excellent choice for modern, contemporary designs.

Trim colors to use with Collingwood

It can be difficult to pick a trim color to go with a mid-toned shade like Collingwood.

If you want to ensure that using Collingwood all over the walls of your living room, bedrooms, entryway or kitchen does not make these spaces feel too dark, then going with a really bright, white trim color on the trim, cabinets or baseboards can help to balance it out.

Some of the best trim color options to use with Collingwood include:

Color name Color swatch
Chantilly Lace – Benjamin Moore
Decorator’s White – Benjamin Moore