Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill is taking its Bar Rescue episode in stride

Appearing on Bar Rescue certainly has its ups and downs, but it seems like the Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill are keeping things positive.

It is usually pretty clear to the owners who elect to have their businesses taken out of their hands and given to the entertainment and hospitality expert, Jon Taffer, for his hit show, Bar Rescue, that their businesses are failing. But this does not make it any easier to get yelled at on national television.

All about the “Wildcat Wild Collapse” episode and the aftermath

For those who are unfamiliar with Bar Rescue’s winning formula, the “Wildcat Wild Collapse” episode follows Taffer as he sets out to return a business, which had its name changed from Bay Street Sports Grill to Wildkat Records Bar & Grill (and then back again) to its former glory.

This was after an absent business owner and meddling new partner had almost run it into the ground.

But, as many longtime Bar Rescue fans know, this coveted Bar Rescue makeover comes at quite a high cost and usually involves some brutally honest feedback and a whole lot of yelling from Taffer.

Fortunately, though, whereas this kind of tough-love approach is enough to bring some business owners to the point of tears, it seems like the newly re-renamed Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill’s owners, Julian Garbaccio and Kyle Davis, have taken to Taffer’s approach like to two bar flies to a happy hour.

A quick glance at Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill’s social media pages reveals not only a joking mural dedicated to Taffer, which has been added to the business’s newly-redone walls.

Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill is taking its Bar Rescue episode in stride

But also evidence of a large Bar Rescue watch party which invited patrons to “Come watch us get yelled at by John Taffer”.

Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill is taking its Bar Rescue episode in stride

A glimpse into Bar Rescue season 9

The current, ninth season of Bar Rescue officially premiered on Paramount Network on Sunday a 10 p.m. ET or 9 p.m. CT.

Fans have been lucky enough to see Taffer and his team intervene to help two struggling businesses in Arizona and Florida so far in this new season, and there will certainly be even more business-rescue fun to come in future episodes.

All of the Bar Rescue season nine episodes which have aired to date are as follows:

Episode Bar Initial air date
1. “Deadliest Kitchen” Skip and Jan’s Sports Grill (renamed to Natalie’s Bar and Grill) February 25, 2024
2. “Wildkats Wild Collapse” Wildkat Records Bar and Grill (renamed to Bay Street Bar & Grill) March 3, 2024

Jon Taffer’s Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill makeover

Of course, in classic Bar Rescue fashion, Bay Street Bar & Grill not only received a new (old) name during this episode, but also a brand-new and updated front façade, a new interior dining space, and even a few new front-facing workspaces for its new sleek modern design.

Taffer also made sure to equip the staff with everything that they would need to keep the bar running (even when Julian is out of town).

This includes cleaning the beer lines and the floors behind the bar, as well as drafting a new draft display menu, and giving the business a new point-of-sale system and a new inventory management system to help things run a little smoother in the future.

According to Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill’s recent social media posts, the bar’s bathrooms have now also been redone – though it is unclear whether this was done during or after Taffer’s makeover.

Did Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill’s Bar Rescue intervention work?

The “Wildkats Wild Collapse” episode was filmed just a few months ago in December of 2023, which means that the business has only been operating in its post-Bar Rescue form for about three months.

Unfortunately, though, it does not seem like the business has managed to shake off its old, poor reputation just yet – as the bar’s only two Yelp reviews from 2024 have both given the business one star.

What to expect from season 9’s next episode

It looks like we will all have to wait and see whether Taffer’s Bay Street Sports Bar & Grill intervention turns out to be a success. But in the meantime, there should be plenty of new Bar Rescue season nine episodes to keep you entertained.

This includes season nine’s episode three, which is titled “Jason’s Last Call” and will see Taffer head back to Arizona to help a married couple that is also struggling to keep their heads above water after a friend and business owner let them down (are we sensing a theme?). This episode is all set to air on March 10, 2024.