Bathroom color trends 2024: Top 10 paint colors for stylish bathrooms

There are several bathroom color trends for 2024 that can help you to create a relaxing and striking bathroom design which reflects your personal style.

Bathroom designs are no longer being overlooked as simply having to be a clean and functional space.

Bathrooms serve many different purposes, and this multi-use space needs to have ample storage, lighting and layout solutions to make the space functional and practical for everyday use, but this room’s design cannot be separate from the rest of the house.

Design trends for bathrooms in 2024 include plans for added space and natural elements, as well as bringing some vintage flair to create a room design which truly speaks to the owner’s personal style.

These bathroom color trends can also be seen in the popular bathroom colors, which mirror this natural, yet bold sensibility.

The importance of bathroom design

Updating and refinishing your bathroom can be a great way to add value to your home and to increase your quality of life.

Most people see their bathrooms right when they wake up and right before they go to bed each and every day, so it is important to ensure that this is a calming and beautiful space, which reflects your personal style.

Whether your bathroom is on the smaller- or larger side, a smart and intuitive design and layout can help you to make the most of the space that you do have.

A well-designed bathroom should have enough storage to make the space feel clean and make it easy for you to find what you need. There are several smart and trendy storage solutions which you can use in your bathroom.

Above all, a great bathroom design should help to make the space as functional as possible. Practical and durable décor and furniture can help you to complete daily grooming and cleanings tasks in your bathroom easily and efficiently.

The lighting in your bathroom is also a key factor to making sure that your bathroom design is suited towards you and your needs. Adding different layers of lighting can add to the ambience and functionality of your space.

Your bathroom design is also a great way to show off your own personal design style and create a space that is relaxing and comfortable, while still being a functional part of your everyday life.

Bathroom color trends 2024: Top 10 paint colors for stylish bathrooms

In the quest to create a beautiful bathroom design, you can find inspiration from many different sources, including the current interior design and bathroom design trends.

In 2024, with more people working from home and generally spending more of their time indoors, most of the bathroom design trends seem to center around creating a relaxing spa-like retreat with both new and old elements within the bathroom.

Bathroom designs are becoming bolder and more confident and with this, the use of wet-rooms and walk-in showers are becoming quite the trend in the New Year.

Removing the bathtub can allow you to create a larger, more open space even in a tiny bathroom. Having a shower instead of a bath can also save you time, which makes this trend both beautiful and practical.

Also playing on this idea of beautiful and practical design, Biophilic design elements just continue to increase in popularity. Biophilic Design focuses on creating spaces that create a feeling of being at one with nature, for the relaxation and health benefits that these elements may have.

This trend can include bold construction details like outdoor showers or simple changes like adding more plants to your bathroom design.

Another interesting bathroom design trend which is gaining popularity in 2024, is mixing old and new pieces, to create a contrasting vintage-inspired look which will be highly unique to each home.

Vintage lighting fixtures and finishes, like mid-century sconces and boat baths are being paired with marble tiling and dark, contemporary paint schemes.

This can help to make your bathroom truly personal to your own style and taste, but still keep the space approachable and comfortable.

Within a smaller space, like a bathroom, color can have the biggest effect on the overall look of the room. There are several trends in color schemes for bathrooms in 2024 as well.

Warm and earthy colors

Warmer beige, tan and terracotta colors are some of the trending color schemes in 2024.

These warm and earthy tones create a welcoming and comfortable mood within a bathroom, and help to evoke that spa-like feeling within the room.

There are several different paint colors, which can help you to bring this warm and earthy look into your bathroom, like:

  • Snow Day by Behr, which is a light and bright warm color which will make your bathroom feel clean and inviting.

  • Penthouse by Benjamin Moore is a calming gray-beige color, which is soft and calming.

  • Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams is a very versatile beige color, which is slightly warm and can help you to create a warm and welcoming mood within your bathroom.

  • Rich Cream by Benjamin Moore is a very warm cream color which will pair well with other natural stone finishes in your bathroom.

Besides paint, there are many other ways to bring these warm and natural color schemes into your bathroom. Wooden flooring and benches can help to bring these warmer tones into your bathroom.

This look can also be achieved through wood-look and slate tiles in the shower and other parts of the bathroom.

This warmer color scheme is a good way to keep the bathroom feeling clean, since the colors are still light and calming – but ensuring that the room does not feel clinical and cold.

Black and charcoal colors

In previous years, dark colors were often avoided in smaller spaces like bathrooms out of fear that these darker colors would make the space feel too small and closed off.

However, the trend of using darker charcoal and even black within your bathroom has made the use of this color a sophisticated and contemporary choice.

  • Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams is an example of a deep, rich black paint color which will add a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom.

Black walls can be striking and help your bathroom to feel cozy and ambient, but black and charcoal can be added to many other features in your bathroom as well.

Black flooring is one of the trendiest ways to add this color into your bathroom, without making the space feel too dark or gloomy and huge. Dark marble slabs on the walls and in showers can add a sense of luxury to your space.

Bold colors

A bathroom can be the perfect space to experiment with bolder color choices if you have been waiting to try adding a pop of color to your house, but have been nervous to try it.

Bathrooms are often small rooms that can handle dramatic color choices and a bit of whimsy without feeling too overwhelming.

Jewel tones have really been rising in popularity in both paint and tile colors. The following blue and green paint colors are excellent jewel toned choices for a trendy bathroom color scheme:

  • Goodnight Moon by Clare Paint is a dark blue, almost navy color which will add a bit of drama to your bathroom.

  • Current Mood by Clare Paint is a dark, earthy green color which brings the great outdoors inside. This is energizing and versatile enough to be paired with many different décor and fixings.

  • October Mist by Benjamin Moore is a calmer shade of green, which will help you to create that spa-like ambience within your bathroom.

Besides the jewel tones, there are also several berry and citrus colors, which are gaining popularity amongst interior designers and homeowners.

These brighter shades can help to energize your space and provide the perfect opportunity for you to add your personal style to your bathroom design. Some examples of paint colors in this category includes:

  • Rejuvenate by Sherwin Williams is a peachy color, which has a retro feeling to it and can add a real sense of whimsy to your bathroom.

  • Blackberry by Sherwin Williams is a deeper berry color, which makes for a striking, yet welcoming design feature.

Adding these bolder colors to your bathroom can make a bold statement and ensure a confident design.


A good bathroom design covers more than just plumbing and layout. The design of this room can make the space feel more open and inviting, and help to create a relaxing oasis within your home.

The 2024 bathroom color trends include warm and natural tones, which capture the calming effect of nature within your bathroom.

There are also trendy darker colors, which can add a dramatic and modern touch to contrast against vintage furnishings and even some bolder colors which can help you to create a very unique space, which reflects your personal style.

With all of these colors to choose from, finding a color that is both beautiful and creates the mood you want within your bathroom will be an easy step in the bathroom design process.