An update on the Fixer to Fabulous lawsuit

The Fixer to Fabulous lawsuit is still not over, and is now scheduled to appear before a jury in September 2024.

Jenny Marrs and her husband Dave Marrs have shot to reality television fame thanks to their hit HGTV home renovation show, Fixer to Fabulous.

But even though Fixer to Fabulous first premiered back in 2019, Jenny and Dave have been working towards renovating classic homes for many years.

The couple’s development company, Marrs Developing confirms that they have built “approximately 30 homes a year since 2004”.

However, it seems as though things in the Marrses lives are not always quite as idyllic behind the scenes, as Jenny and Dave (though their two companies Jupiter Rentals and Marrs Construction) have found themselves named as the defendants in a recent lawsuit.

All about the Fixer to Fabulous lawsuit

This lawsuit (case number: 04CV-23-333) filed by Matthew and Sarah McGrath, alleges that the Marrses were in breach of their contract after failing to complete the appropriate repairs and updates agreed upon for the McGraths’ Bella Vista home.

And while lawsuits are never really amicable, it seems like this particular Fixer to Fabulous lawsuit has just taken on an entirely new tone.

The parties “utterly failed” to reach a mediation agreement in 2023, and the case will now have to go before the jury.

Now in 2024, Jenny and Dave will have to appear in the Benton County Courthouse for a five-day jury trial, which is scheduled to begin at 9 a.m. on September 23.

The timeline

Legal proceedings always feel confusing and drawn out. And because there has been so much back-and forth in this particular case, it can be confusing to keep track of everything which has happened thus far.

Fortunately, the following timeline helps to put things into perspective:

Date Event
May 2022 Matthew and Sarah McGrath agree to purchase a home from Jenny and Dave for $559,000 (with an initial down-payment of $15,000)
June 16, 2022 An addendum is added to the original contract detailing additional upgrades
February 7, 2023 Matthew and Sarah McGrath file the lawsuit against Jupiter Rentals and Marrs Construction
March 13, 2023 The first set of interrogatories and requests for production are served to both defendants
April 5, 2023 A one-month extension is requested for the discovery
July 26, 2023 Circuit Judge Christine Horwart orders the parties to attend mediation no later than September 29
September 19, 2023 All parties engaged in mediation, which reportedly “utterly failed”
September 25, 2023 The defendants request a new deadline

Have Jenny and Dave addressed the lawsuit?

Since the lawsuit between the McGrath and the Marrses two companies is still ongoing, both parties have pretty much kept the details of the case to a minimum.

Neither Jenny and Dave, their companies, nor HGTV have made any official statement about this lawsuit to date.

And from what KNWA reports about the failed mediation attempts around the end of 2023, it seems as though the Marrses have followed this same approach within the legal proceedings.

This is not the first Fixer to Fabulous lawsuit

Whilst this newest lawsuit against Jupiter Rentals and Marrs Construction has been making headlines recently, it is actually not the first time that Jenny and Dave have been in legal hot water.

Dave and Jenny were actually sued for $75,000 in 2018 by an Arkansas-based couple who alleged that the couple approached them about renovating their home for Fixer to Fabulous without the proper Arkansas contractor’s licenses or the appropriate construction permits.

And although Dave and Jenny never addressed this lawsuit publicly, it seems as though it was settled privately in 2022.

What the Marrses are up to now

While both the Marrses’ lawyers and the McGraths’ lawyers have likely been hard at work in the last few months poring over the case files, these reality television stars have not let their imminent court trial overshadow their other projects.

HGTV already announced back in June of 2023 that Fixer to Fabulous had been renewed for a brand-new fifth season.

This season, which is all set to feature 16 new episodes, has already aired a couple of episodes since the start of 2024.

Jenny confirmed on her Instagram page that the couple had already started filming this new season by the time that it was announced in June, 2023.

An update on the Fixer to Fabulous lawsuit

However, the new Fixer to Fabulous content coming to HGTV this year will not end there, as the network has also announced plans for a 2024 international spin-off, called “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano.

This spin-off will see the dynamic renovation-duo travel to Italy to undertake one of their most challenging projects to date.