An update on Texas Metal’s rumored cancellation

Although some sources have reported that Texas Metal is done for, the show is actually still going strong and has been airing its seventh season in 2024.

There is a sort of natural rhythm to television cancellations and renewals. And even when we do not necessarily pay attention to when all of our favorite shows are renewed and return, it is normal to start feeling uneasy when this flow is interrupted.

Texas Metal is one of the automotive restoration and customization shows on Warner Bros. Discovery’s automotive-focused MotorTrend, which has fallen into this kind of natural rhythm over the course of the last seven years.

Texas Metal has not been cancelled

However, just because the show’s most recent seventh season took slightly longer than usual to air – it does not mean that the show has been cancelled.

As with most of the shows that we see airing on television these days, Texas Metal has had its fair share of unsettling rumors.

But while speculation about the show’s possible cancellation has been running rampant in the last few months, the Texas Metal team has been hard at work filming and airing a brand new season.

Texas Metal season 7

While there has been an array of rumors through the years that Texas Metal may just be done for, the show just keeps trucking along.

Season seven of Texas Metal is currently airing on MotorTrend TV and can be summarized as follows:

Episode Initial air date
“Ram Tow, ’49 Ford Show” January 31, 2024
“’89 Bronco on Blast” February 7, 2024
“’52 Wrecker Complete” February 14, 2024
“Custom Cut F430 Ferrari” February 22, 2024
“Custom Sasquatch Bronco” February 29, 2024
“Texas Sized Truck” March 6, 2024
“Mustang for the Record” March 14, 2024
“’68 GTO for the Win” March 20, 2024
“’31 Ford Rebuilt Tough” March 27, 2024

And according to this recent post on the Ekstensive Metal Works Instagram page, fans can look forward to about four more episodes before this season officially comes to an end.

An update on Texas Metal’s rumored cancellation

It has not always been smooth cruising behind the scenes

While Texas Metal has survived long enough to air (almost) seven seasons, things have not always gone off without a hitch behind the scenes.

If you are a longtime Texas Metal fan, you will already know that the show lost quite a few of its core cast members over the years, including Tim Donelson (the former Ekstensive Metal Works general manager), John Villarreal-Vega (a former Ekstensive Metals Works fabricator) and Heath Moore (who handled the work at the interior shop).

The future of the show also seemed somewhat uncertain after Bill, the owner of Ekstensive Metal Works and arguably Texas Metal’s brightest star, was reportedly arrested on assault charges in 2022.

Fortunately, it does not seem like this behind-the-scenes drama has spilled over to the on-camera action, as season seven has aired without any unexpected hiccups or delays along the way.

Why Texas Metal is no longer on MotorTrend+

If you have signed into the MotorTrend+ streaming platform recently and found that Texas Metal is no longer listed, do not panic.

Warner Bros. Discovery (which owns MotorTrend and all of its content) recently announced that it will be doing away with the MotorTrend+ streaming platform and that it will, instead, be moving all of this automotive-focused content to other streaming platforms like Discovery+ (in the US and Canada) and Max (in the US).

As of March 8, 2024, Texas Metal has now officially moved to a new streaming-home. Texas Metal is now available to stream on the Max (formerly called HBO Max).

Most former MotorTrend subscribers have already been informed about the changes and the way to proceed forward.

Will there be a Texas Metal season 8?

Texas Metal has certainly had its fair share of ups and downs through the years, but besides for the unconfirmed rumors that the show may be on thin ice – there is really no reason to believe that it will not be renewed for an eighth season.

In fact, according to the data collected by USTVB, Texas Metal is still one of MotorTrend’s most popular shows. And according to Carlton’s estimation; the show has reached more than 72 million viewers in 183 countries and territories, worldwide.

This means that if season seven of Texas Metal continues to perform well to the end, there is a very good chance that Warner Bros. Discovery will want to keep it around for another season.

And until the Warner Bros. Discovery executives, or maybe even Bill, says something to the contrary, it seems pretty safe to assume that Texas Metal will be back for an eighth season before we know it.