All about Dr. Pepper from Married at First Sight’s unconventional life

Dr. Pepper has been on Married at First Sight for years, but there are still a few things that you might not know about this compatibility expert.

Every new season of Married at First Sight introduces us to a new gaggle of newlyweds who are fighting against all odds to make their unconventional, blind-date marriages work.

And with so much at stake, there is often little time to worry about the experts on the show, who so willingly dole out tidbits of crucial relationship advice.

What you may not know about Dr. Pepper

Fortunately, we have rounded up all of the need-to-know facts about Married at First Sight’s longtime compatibility expert, sociologist and sexologist, Dr. Pepper (yes, her name is really Dr. Pepper Schwartz).

Fans of the show might feel intimately familiar with Dr. Pepper after seeing her counsel and advise so many different couples over the years, but they might just be surprised to find that she actually leads quite the unconventional life, with a thriving television career in her 70’s and a unique open-door marriage.

Examining Dr. Pepper’s Married at First Sight run

Preparing couples who have agreed to blind marriages for the eventuality of spending the rest of their lives together is certainly no small feat.

As a result, Married at First Sight has had quite a few relationship experts join and leave the show over the years.

However, Dr. Pepper is the only Married at First Sight expert who has stuck it out throughout the course of the show’s now 17-season run on television.

All in all, Dr. Pepper’s enormous Married at First Sight efforts can be summarized as follows:

Detail Description
First appearance “Matchmaking” (season 1, episode 1), which first aired on July 8, 2014
Most recent appearance “Crash and Bond” (season 17, episode 17), which first aired on February 14, 2024
Episodes (to date) 209
Seasons (to date) 17

And since Married at First Sight has reportedly already begun filming for its 18th season, there is a good chance that Dr. Pepper will be around to help even more struggling marriages for many seasons to come.

All about Dr. Pepper’s personal relationship history

Dr. Pepper has such a knack for doling out relationship advice on the set of Married at First Sight. So much so that it often surprises people to hear that she has actually worked through a few failed marriages of her own.

Dr. Pepper has actually been married three times in her life. Her first marriage only lasted for a year and her second marriage lasted for two years, before she and her former husband called it quits.

However, it seems like these few bumps in the road did little to dissuade Dr. Pepper from finding her happily ever after, and she eventually tied the knot again in 2018 with her current husband, Fred Kaseburg.

Fred is a retired lawyer, and although he and Dr. Pepper have lived apart for most of their relationship (which has now lasted longer than a decade), they seem to have found a balance that works well.

One thread from Dr. Pepper’s Instagram page even showcases a special holiday trip in which they travelled to Iceland together in 2021.

All about Dr. Pepper from Married at First Sight’s unconventional life

A summary of Dr. Pepper’s career so far

While Dr. Pepper is now perhaps best known for the work that she has done on Married at First Sight in the last two decades, she has also built up quite a reputation as a compatibility expert, researcher and author outside of the show.

Dr. Pepper started her academic career at Washington University (where she earned her BA and MA). She later earned her PhD in Sociology at Yale University in 1974.

As time went on, Dr. Pepper moved on to other projects in the fields of love, sexuality, and commitment and she has even published more than 25 books.

More recently, Dr. Pepper was chosen to serve as the AARP’s first Love & Relationship Expert & Ambassador.

Dr. Pepper’s life outside of Married at First Sight

Dr. Pepper is certainly a very influential figure in the world of relationship psychology, and  even at the age of 78, she still has time for plenty of important work when the Married at First Sight cameras stop rolling.

Dr. Pepper recently announced the launch of her newest book, Relationship Rx: Prescriptions for Lasting Love and Deeper Connection.

This book, which is co-authored by Psychologist and Relationship Expert, Dr. Dr. Jessica Griffin, aims to provide practical advice for a wide variety of relationship problems in a way that is easy to digest and understand.

Furthermore, Dr. Pepper also spends a considerable amount of time teaching at the University of Washington in Seattle.