All about Carmen’s shocking Ready to Love confessions

Ready to Love has always been dramatic, but Carmen has now revealed that this high-stakes show may fluff some of the details behind the scenes.

There is just no denying that Ready to Love is the way to go if you are looking for some of the most drama-filled and messy situationships on reality television.

But fans who tuned in to watch the show’s Potomac-based fifth season may be surprised to hear that not all of the show’s on-camera action may have gone down that way behind the scenes.

Carmen Felder, who is arguably one of the show’s most divisive figures,. has spoken about what her experience filming for the show was really like. Carmen ended up going almost all the way on the show’s fifth season back in 2022.

What happened to Ready to Love season 5?

We all know by now that the drama that we see play out on our favorite reality television shows, may be slightly edited to keep that sense of television magic.

But, according to Carmen’s account of their days on set for this season of Ready to Love, more than a few things got lost on the cutting room floor.

Carmen has been open about the fact that while she went into Ready to Love expecting her every word and action to be captured on camera – what she did not expect is that footage would be chopped and changed during the post-production stages, in order to fit a certain narrative.

The Ready to Love producers reportedly even went as far as to manufacture little squabbles by taking something as simple as an eye-roll and positing it into an entirely different conversation.

A recap of Carmen’s Ready to Love season 5 run

Before we dive into everything that Carmen has revealed about her Ready to Love journey (and beyond), we need to take a look back at her original Ready to Love season.

You may recall that one of Tommy’s first twists for the Ready to Love season five cast entailed that this season’s first mixer only featured seven men and seven women.

As a result, Carmen only joined the show later on, and her total Ready to Love run can be summarized as follows:

Detail Description
First appearance “Blind Dates” (season 5, episode 2) on February 4, 2022
Last appearance “Reunion, Part 2 (season 5, episode 14) on May 6, 2022

How Carmen became season 5’s villain

While Carmen has been very open about the fact that she will not take back anything that she did or said during her divisive season six run, she did mention in an interview with HUR@Home’s Angela Stribling and Autumn Joi, that there may be other reasons why she has now gone down in history as season five’s villain.

According to Carmen, the Ready to Love producers not only did not give season six’s cast a proper introduction, but they also neglected to show all of the instances during her dates where she would talk about the other facets of her life.

And if the show had been more forthcoming with the fact that she was a veteran, a mother and an avid philanthropist, then this would have given the Ready to Love fans a better idea of where Carmen was coming from.

It seems like Ready to Love did not ruin Carmen’s reality television spirit

While Carmen may harbor some mixed feelings about her time filming for Ready to Love, she has certainly not let that hold her budding reality television career.

After appearing on Ready to Love, she quickly became a guest-correspondent on Fox 5 in D.C., where she has shared everything from celebrity gossip to lifestyle tips.

But Carmen has now also starred in another OWN reality television show called Love & Marriage: DC, in which she appeared alongside other former Ready to Love stars.

Carmen’s life after Ready to Love

While Carmen’s life in front of the cameras has been keeping her plenty busy since she appeared on Ready to Love, she also has a lot going on once the cameras stop rolling.

Since filming wrapped on Ready to Love season five, Carmen has been hard at work pursuing her philanthropic passions with her involvement in Santana Moss’s 89 Ways to Give organization.

And though Carmen may not have found true love during her 13-episode run on Ready to Love’s fifth season, it seems like she has now found love outside of the show with her fellow entrepreneur and brand manager, Ray Lyles.

According to a post on Carmen’s Instagram page, this new couple is as happy as can be and even celebrated their one-year anniversary just a few weeks ago.

All about Carmen’s shocking Ready to Love confessions