A recap of the Ready to Love “Meet the Friends” episode

Ready to Love season nine is getting intense and the “Meet the Friends” episode has helped the cast to nail down their top connections.

Things are getting heated in Fort Worth as season nine of Ready to Love progresses. And since episode six sent a shocking three hopeful singles home, after they were deemed ‘not ready to love,’ the cast is quickly dwindling.

What went down in the “Meet the Friends” episode

Ready to Love season nine’s seventh episode, titled “Meet the Friends” opened with Tommy challenging the “spectacular six” remaining season nine men to introduce their favorites of the remaining season nine ladies to their friends.

Of course, on a different (but related) note, this episode also features a heaping spoonful of good old lounge drama, as it seems like not all the members of the season nine cast have managed to move on from the whole Will-Alexis-screenshot-sharing debacle, which ended up getting Will and Koshiea eliminated in the previous episode.

A roundup of the “Meet the Friends” dates

At this point in the game, Ready to Love season nine’s cast has dwindled to only six ladies and six men. This means that the top connections on both sides are starting to overlap considerably.

And while we did not have a big mixer in the “Meet the Friends” episode, we did get to see several dates, which helped to give viewers an idea of just where all of the budding season nine relationships stand.

This episode saw the season nine men choose just their favorite season nine ladies to introduce to their closest friends.

We also saw these men’s friends dole out advice about which ladies they thought their longtime friends have the best connections with. These “Meet the Friends” dates can be summarized as follows:

Season nine men “Meet the Friends” dates
Justin RaSheena and Mieka
Chaz Vanessa and Alexis
Alonzo Patrice and RaSheena
Dominique Vanessa
Laron Mya and Mieka

The top connections

There will be increasingly less chances to hide, as the Ready to Love cast continues to get smaller with every new elimination. And this means that the cast has really had to focus on nailing down their top connections before it is too late.

While there are still some of the season nine connections that we have our doubts about at this stage, meeting the friends (and seeing the competition) seems to have really taken things to the next level for Chaz and Vanessa, who we know have had a pretty special connection since the beginning of this season.

Alonzo also seems to have found something quite special with Patrice and it should be interesting to see how this relatively low-key pairing fares in future episodes.

Who was not ready to love?

If you have been following this season of Ready to Love closely, you will already know that the season nine cast has been embroiled in a drama which originated from a few confidential details of the ladies’ lounge discussion with Tommy being shared with the season nine men.

And it seems like the “Meet the Friends” episode has now finally brought this ongoing disagreement to a close.

After the men shared their top and bottom connections with Tommy in the lounge, they determined that Alexis and Mieka were the bottom two ladies this week.

And because Alexis had allowed the previous lounge drama to distract her so much over the course of the last few weeks, she was deemed ‘not ready to find love’ and was sent packing at the end of the episode.

What we can expect for next week’s episode

Next week it will be the Ready to Love season nine ladies’ turn to test out how their top connections fare when things get real.

The “Exes Meet the Nexes” episode will see the remaining season nine women introduce their chosen top connections to their ex-partners.

And, while we will all have to tune in on Friday, March 1, 2024, to see how these encounters play out, that will not stop us from speculating about who may be going home next.

Since the ladies will be in control in the “Exes Meet the Nexes” episode, one of the season nine men will be voted out next week.

And although we do not know anything for sure yet – it seems like Dominique’s or Laron’s days on the Ready to Love cast may be numbered.

In reality, Dominique has not forged any strong connections except for with Vanessa, and this could really hurt him next week. Moreover, Laron clearly had a strong connection with Koshiea, who is no longer part of the show.