A recap of the Mud Madness filming locations

The first season of Mud Madness was filmed at different locations all around the United States.

The first season of Mud Madness follows some of the most talented up-and-coming racers in the mud world.

These racers compete in six of the most challenging races in the United States for the honor of winning the title of being the fall mud racing champion.

What happens before a Mud Madness race

Nothing about the mud racing world is subtle. And throughout the show’s first six episodes – viewers were treated to an array of entertainment – ranging from Josh and Bryce’s funky hairdos to side-by-sides, drag races and bountyholes-a-plenty.

But as those in-the-know will be quick to tell you, competitive mud racing is just as much about what happens off the track as it is about what happens on the track.

And while we did not get to see much of the preparation during this action-packed first season, the featured racers actually travelled all across the United States to compete.

This means that the first season of Mud Madness was filmed in an array of off-road, mud-heavy locations all across the country.

A rundown of the Mud Madness season one courses

The Mud Madness season one racers showed up, showed off and competed in a variety of locations over the course of this six-race championship.

Some of the courses that you have likely seen in this first season can be summarized as follows:

Episode Featured course Location
1. “One Nation Under Mud” Pike’s Off-Road Park Bowling Green, Missouri
2. “RIdin’ Dirty at Rednecks” Rednecks with Paychecks Off-Road Park Saint Jo, Texas
3. “Smash and Drag” Carter Off-Road Park Little Rock, Arkansas
4. “All’s Fair in Mud and War” Greasy Bend Off-Road Park Batesville, Arkansas
5. “Blood Is Thicker Than Mud” Greasy Bend Off-Road Park Batesville, Arkansas
6. “Shut Up and Send It” Carter Off-Road Park Little Rock, Arkansas

Where are all the Mud Madness racers from?

If you watched all of the mud racing excitement in season one of Mud Madness, then you will already know that most of the dedicated mud racers who compete in these championships spend many hours on the road travelling to and from the different events.

So while the fall mud racing circuit mostly took place in parts of the central- and western parts of the United States, the racers who competed travelled from all over. This includes:

The racers’ behind-the-scenes involvement

While we saw the Mud Madness racers compete across a wide variety of courses and events throughout Mud Madness’s first season, they clearly have their favorites.

Josh commented that Greasy Bend Off-Road Park draws in “the best of the best” while Bryce called Rednecks with Paychecks Off-Road Park “the mecca of the mud world”.

However, the mud racers’ involvement in the various mud racing events across the country do not always start and end on the racetrack (or should we say, bountyhole?).

As of the end of season one, Josh is now officially one of the owners of Pike’s Off-Road Park, and according to his most recent social media posts, he regularly hosts events at this park during his off season.

The same can be said for Randi, who recently clarified that she will not race at the Tower Trax ATV course for the Battle of the Builds event, because she works behind the scenes of this race series.

Will the racers return to the show if it gets renewed?

Unfortunately, since the first season of Mud Madness just concluded its initial run on television – it may be just a bit soon for Discovery to announce the show’s renewal just yet.

However, the first season of Mud Madness has seemingly been a hit with fans in the high-octane genre and there is still a very good chance that it will be renewed at some point in the future.

The first season of Mud Madness only wrapped up its filming in March of 2024, so there is still plenty of time for the behind-the-scenes production puzzle pieces for season two to fall into place, before then.

And since all of the Mud Madness season one featured racers have been so positive about the show, it is fair to assume that they will all be willing to go for another round around the mud track (so to speak) if the show returns for another season.