A long-awaited update on David from Hotel Hell

It looks like David from Hotel Hell’s Meson De Mesilla, is still currently operating the food truck that served Gordon Ramsay.

The “Meson de Mesilla” episode from Hotel Hell aired over 10 years ago, but it still remains in our minds as one of the show’s most memorable.

This episode is a must-watch for many reasons, including the owner, Cali Szczawinski’s rather impromptu rendition of Cher’s hit song “If I Could Turn Back Time” (and the Gordon Ramsay laugh fest that followed).

And of course, for the least enthusiastic final reveal that we have seen on the show to date.

What happened to David after Hotel Hell

Unfortunately, Cali’s musical stylings during Ramsay’s first meal at Meson De Mesilla only served to underscore his disappointing meal.

This meal, in Ramsay’s own words, included very tough lamb lollipops and bruschetta with troubling origins.

However, in an aptly strange turn of events, Ramsay revealed that David Ramos, the prep cook who was partly responsible for serving these horrible dishes, actually had his very own food truck, which he operated when he was off the clock.

And to Ramsay’s surprise, chef David Ramos’ food truck served absolutely delicious local cuisine.

And while we have not really had an update on the former Meson De Mesilla staff after the hotel’s closure, a November 2023 article by confirmed that David not only stayed in the area, but he is also still operating his “A Little Taste of New Mexico” food truck to this day.

What happened to Meson De Mesilla after Hotel Hell?

The story of what happened to Meson de Mesilla after Ramsay and the Hotel Hell crew hit the road is rather complicated.

But, to put it simply, Cali eventually sold her hotel to new owners and these new owners have renamed it to Hacienda De Mesilla.

All in all, the Meson De Mesilla’s timeline can be summarized as follows:

Date Event
2006 Cali purchases the hotel
June 2013 Ramsay and the Hotel Hell crew arrive to start filming
July 21 2014 The Hotel Hell “Meson De Mesilla” episode first airs
March 2017 Meson De Mesilla is sold to its new owners and is renamed

All about New Mexico’s thriving food truck scene

The Las Cruces area of New Mexico has always had a vibrant food culture. And while it was already evident from Ramsay’s brief visit all those years ago that this translated into an equally booming food truck scene –Las Cruces has seemingly become an even bigger hub for food truck enthusiasts in the last couple of years.

Most of the area’s most popular food trucks, including the well-known Green Chile Paddy Wagon, regularly open for service at the Las Cruces Farmers Market.

But if you are travelling to Las Cruces you will find food trucks ranging from the New Mexican classics, to waffles, hot dog and other specialty shops, stretching from the downtown area to the east and west side of the city.

Everything you need to know about David’s food truck

It is not every day that a small food truck business  gets the chance to earn the celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay’s approval on a popular nationally televised (and widely beloved) show.

However, despite the ‘A Little Taste of New Mexico’ food truck’s reality television roots, this business seems to have remained quite down to earth.

David is still the manager and chef behind this popular local restaurant-on-wheels and since Meson De Mesilla is no more – it seems like A Little Taste of New Mexico may be just the place to go if you want your own not-so-hellish Hotel Hell experience in New Mexico.

What is on the menu at A Little Taste of New Mexico

Unlike the food served to Ramsay all those years ago at the Meson De Mesilla, the food at David’s A Little Taste of New Mexico food truck is boldly and proudly New-Mexico inspired.

As of 2023, A Little Taste of New Mexico was serving a variety of modern New Mexico cuisine, ranging from tacos to Sopapillas.

The Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas is a true favorite among the local diners who frequent this food truck.

But given the fact that Ramsay stated that the food served at A Little Taste of New Mexico was “delicious” and “better than anything he had eaten at the hotel” during his stay, we can safely  assume that this food truck’s entire menu will be a hit with those who appreciate the spicy and fresh flavors of this type of cuisine.

And A Little Taste of New Mexico should certainly be on your must-visit list if you are looking for an authentic New Mexican culinary experience.