9 of the best neutral paint colors to sell a house quickly

There are many factors that can influence perceived value, but it is wise to use neutral paint colors when you want to sell your house.

There are a few different factors which can influence the value that potential buyers may place on your house.

Some of these factors are determined by the housing market and the actual location of your house and are largely out of your control.

However, there are other factors like interior and exterior paint colors, which can easily be changed to appeal to a large variety of buyers.

Using neutral paint colors can help to make your house almost universally appealing and help you to sell your house quickly and at the best possible price.

Factors which determine the value of your house

A house that you have lived in and enjoyed for years definitely has value in your eyes, and suits your personal taste, but when it comes to selling this home to someone else, the value this house has to prospective buyers may be determined by a few different factors.

There are several factors which potential buyers may consider when they are looking for a new house, and if you are planning on selling yours, it is important to know what buyers are looking for.

This knowledge will help you create a sale proposition that will be alluring to them and help you to sell your house quickly and at a high price.

Just as with any transaction, supply and demand are often determining factors in the perceived value of your home.

When there are more people buying homes than there are people selling their homes or skilled people to build new homes, the value of existing homes goes up.

The location of your house may also be a determining factor in the value of your house, although the actual materials and technology used to build your house may lose their value over time.

If your house is in a location with good schools, a low crime rate and within a popular neighborhood, buyers might still be willing to consider paying a higher price for your house.

Even though it is important to know that these factors can influence the perceived value of your house, they are also largely out of your control.

The economics of the real estate market and even neighborhoods tend to shift and change with time. Thus, it is best to focus on optimizing the factors that you can control, to ensure that you get the best possible price when selling your home.

Fixes to focus on when you want to sell a house

When you are planning to sell a house, it is important to remember to look at the house from the perspective of a potential buyer.

Even if you have lived in a house for years, and have been willing to live with, work around or even didn’t notice some of the little upgrades and fixes that needed to be done, this does not mean that a potential buyer would.

Fixing or repairing glaring issues first, will help you to sell your house quicker and get a better price when you are selling your home.

It is always best to start with the biggest fixes first, as these are likely to take the longest to repair and will also be the most likely to deter a possible buyer from buying your house.

These issues would include common problems like a leaking roof, plumbing and electrical issues and foundation problems.

Once the big issues have all been repaired and fixed, you can start with more cosmetic upgrades and updates. These changes will make the home feel more welcoming and help to capture the attention of potential buyers.

9 of the best neutral paint colors to sell a house

In order for your house to stand out to potential buyers, you will need to focus on both the exterior and the yard of the house, and the look and feel of the interior spaces to ensure that these spaces feel fresh and are ready to move into for the potential buyers.

Neutral exterior paint colors to help sell your house

It is always best to stick to a neutral color palette if you want your paint color to appeal to the most people.

Therefore, choosing a neutral color for the exterior paint can update the look of your house, without making it feel unapproachable. Curb appeal can be very important to potential buyers.

The quickest way to update the façade of your home and make it stand out even from the street, is to update your exterior paint.

Old and faded paint on the exterior of your house can make the house look old and uncared for, which can make buyers less interested in purchasing the house.

Neutral colors like white and gray make excellent neutral exterior paint colors, because they will help your house look updated, while allowing it to blend into its surroundings. It will also harmonize with other houses that are close by.

  • Extra White by Sherwin Williams is an almost white option that will help the exterior of your house to look crisp and clean.

  • Shoji White by Sherwin Williams is a good off-white color which is not too stark white.

  • Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is a very soft white. This color’s yellow undertones make it appear warm and welcoming.

  • Cedar Key by Benjamin Moore is a light, neutral gray color which can add some contrast, especially when it is placed next to white trim.

  • Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore is a more cool-toned gray color. This color is a good neutral color to make your house, which is still striking enough to make your house stand out.

Having an updated and clean-looking exterior to your home will help to give buyers the impression that everything in the house has been looked after and is of a higher value.

Neutral interior paint colors to help sell your house

Using neutral paint colors on the interior of your house, allows potential buyers to use this neutral color as a sort of blank canvas to build their own interior designs on.

Bold colors are also more likely to pander to personal preferences, where more neutral color will appeal to a broader spectrum of potential buyers, which makes it a smarter choice if you want to appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.

The following are popular neutral interior paint colors to use:

  • Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is a very versatile gray. This color has some warmth to it, which will help to make your interior spaces feel welcoming and cozy.

  • White Dove by Benjamin Moore is a very well-balanced white color, which is not too warm or too cool and this helps it to be very versatile when used in an interior space. White colors are also a very classic choice, which will never go out of style and this will appeal to buyers, as they will not have to worry about redecorating every few years.

  • Snowbound by Sherwin Williams is another classic white shade. This color still has some warmth to it, to keep it from appearing too stark and sterile.

  • Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams is a warmer beige color. This color is versatile and will look great in a high variety of different sized rooms and when paired with different styles and colors of décor.

A neutral color palette makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine their own furniture and décor within the different spaces within the house and if a buyer can imagine themselves living in the house, they are likely to be more interested in purchasing that house.

How many colors should you use?

Every home is unique, but as a general rule of thumb, using about one to three different colors throughout the interior and the same amount of coordinating colors for the exterior will be enough for you to make details stand out but not be too overwhelming to potential buyers.

Designers often recommend choosing one neutral and universally appealing color for walls, and then a second color for the trim, which will usually be a very light or white color.

Lastly, they use a third color to bring out details in your home, like a kitchen island or unique architectural details which you want to bring attention to.


Therefore, it is always important to take a step back when you are getting ready to sell your house and place yourself in the perspective of potential buyers, in order to determine how to add value that will appeal to these buyers.

Choosing neutral paint colors may be one of the simplest ways to make your house seem new and well-maintained.

New paint will make the house seem fresh, but a neutral color palette will ensure that the paint appeals to the largest number of people, which means a larger number of pool buyers will be interested in buying the house which you want to sell.

These neutral interior and exterior paint colors will also help potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home and this may make them much more willing to make an offer on your house.