9 most popular Sherwin Williams living room colors

It can be difficult to find the perfect color for your space, but the most popular Sherwin Williams living room colors are a good place to start.

Sherwin Williams paints are known for being high quality and having a professional and lasting finish.

This, along with their wide color selection and different finishes make them a popular choice among professionals and amateur painters alike.

With this wide selection, it can be difficult to find a paint that is just right for your living room, but there are several ways to find colors that will suit your design style and personal preference.

One of the best ways to ensure that you find a living room color that is timeless and will always look good, is to look at colors in this catalogue that have always been crowd pleasers.

Sherwin Williams fans have some shades that have remained popular choices over the years. This makes them excellent choices for your living room, as they are likely to look great and remain stylish over time.

Sherwin Williams paint

Sherwin Williams paint is often favored by professionals and DIY home improvers for its quality and durability.

The brand was founded in 1866 and develops, manufactures and distributes many different paints and coatings for interior and exterior surfaces, through their select retailers and the Sherwin Williams online store.

The exceptional range of colors and finishes is what draws most people to this brand.

Sherwin Williams is also known for being innovative and the brand has developed many different technologies, like self-cleaning and anti-bacterial finishes, in order to offer their customers the best possible paint.

When it comes to price, Sherwin Williams has different price points for different finishes, with their “Captivate” line being the most affordable option.

The brand justifies its price point by adding more pigment and other higher quality additives to their paint. This often gives the paint a thicker appearance, which leads to a more professional and clean paint job in the end.

Sherwin Williams is a trusted paint brand because of the large variety of colors, and which are on offer, the fact that this paint is easy to apply and only takes a few coats to be opaque, the durability of the paint and the excellent customs service and advice that the brand offers.

All of these factors combined means that using Sherwin Williams paint for your living room is a wise choice.

Tips for painting your living room

Given the large variety of different paint colors, not to mention other interior design trends and ideas, it can be very difficult to decide which color will work best in your living room and the choices can be overwhelming.

Luckily, there are some proven ways for designers and homeowners to find inspiration for their living room color schemes.

If you are uncertain of where to start with choosing colors for your space, going to other people for inspiration might be a good place to start.

Interior design magazines and even paint catalogues and websites can be an excellent way to find ideas that are cutting edge and right on trend.

Another way to find color inspiration is to start with yourself. Examining your own favorite colors or colors which you tend to gravitate towards naturally, may give you some ideas as to which color will make your design feel unique to you.

Creating a mood board of designs that you find appealing, the mood you want for the room or styles that you would like to emulate might also create a color scheme which you would not normally think of.

This mood board will also help to keep you focused on a central theme, so you will not get distracted by different paint colors or styles.

It is also always good to keep the 60-30-10 Rule in mind when you are choosing different colors for your space. The 60-30-10 rule stipulates that you should make use of the dominant color for 60 percent of the room.

This would usually be the wall color. Then, 30 percent of the room would make use of a secondary color and 10 percent would consist of an accent color.

Most popular Sherwin Williams living room colors

Even with all of these tips, it can still be quite difficult to decide on the best color for your living room, but luckily Sherwin Williams, like all brands, has a few popular living room paint colors that are crowd-pleasers and will work in most homes.

Off-white colors for living rooms

White is an obvious choice for the color of your living room if you want a bright and airy room that feels bigger than it actually is.

Sherwin Williams has some excellent tried and proven white and off-white paint colors which will work well in a living room space, such as:

1. Pure White

Pure White has a very slight warm undertone to it, which makes the color perfect if you want a pure white, as this will still look like a pure white when it is on the wall but will not be too stark of a white.

2. Alabaster

Alabaster has a slight yellow tone to it, which makes it an incredibly soft white which is the right color for you if you want to add some warmth to your living room. This color is a favorite amongst many interior decorators for its versatility.

3. Snowbound

Snowbound is a cooler white option. Using this color is sure to give you a crisp, clean look and is the perfect blank canvas to ensure that the other design elements in your living room stand out.

Choosing an off-white color for your living room is always a smart decision, as it ensures that you will have the brightness and timeless elegance of white, but the color should not be too stark white and therefore not look clinical and cold.

Gray colors for living rooms

Gray is an elegant choice for a living room color. Using a gray color on your walls can give the entire room a modern, yet calming neutral feeling and Sherwin Williams certainly has many popular gray shades for you to choose from, including:

4. Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray is a very versatile color, which is actually a mixture of beige and gray. Using this color for your living room walls will give you a comforting, yet contemporary look.

5. Repose Gray

Repose Gray is a very warm-toned gray, but this color can appear more warm- or cool-toned depending on the lighting of the room. Using this gray color is a good way to make your living room look and feel more modern.

6. Mindful Gray

Mindful Gray is a good mid-toned gray shade, which means that it will be dark enough to make a statement when used on your living room walls, but not so dark that it makes the room feel closed off.

Choosing one of these popular gray shades for your living room color can add a sense of warmth and help you to modernize the space.

Other Sherwin Williams popular colors for living rooms

Although there are so many colors to choose from in the Sherwin Williams color catalogue, these off-white and gray colors are not the only colors which will work well for a living room design.

7. Naval

Naval is a darker color for a living room, but it makes a wonderful statement when used as an accent wall.

This color is neutral enough to not be too overwhelming, but the dark blue will certainly make a statement when used in your living room.

8. Kilim Beige

Kilim Beige has both yellow- and pink undertones and this makes it a lovely warm and inviting color.

This beige is soft enough to provide a neutral backdrop for the furniture and other design accessories in your living room to take center stage.

9. Evergreen Fog

Evergreen Fog is an understated green color, which adds a sense of calmness to your living room. This is Sherwin Williams’ 2022 color of the year, because of its versatility and will have you right on trend for the coming years.

Using one of these colors on your living room walls enables you to add a pop of color or added boldness to your space.

Even though these are popular colors, using them in your living room will surely be the base for a design which stands out.


Sherwin Williams is an extremely innovative brand, which has existed for decades. This means that the brand has a shade range that can seem overwhelming at first, but it also means that you are sure to find the perfect color and finish for your space.

There are various places to find color inspiration for your living room, including catalogues, magazines and your own life, but translating these inspirations into your living room space can be difficult.

Luckily, Sherwin Williams has several popular off-white, gray and other colors, which should be considered for your living room.

These colors have become favorites amongst customers for a reason and their versatility make them excellent choices to suit almost all living rooms and personal design styles.