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12 of the best wall paint colors for your gray floors

The best wall paint colors that will create just enough contrast with most kinds of gray floors are light warm and cool, or bold colors.

Choosing the right wall color for your space is one of the most crucial steps in the interior design process.

However, choosing the right wall color to match with your gray floors can be very tricky. This is why it is best to focus on creating contrast with warm, cool, or bright paint colors.

Finding the best paint color for your space

Whether you are just upgrading a room with a fresh coat of paint or you are starting a new design from scratch, there is no denying that the paint color that you choose can make or break your design.

After all, the way that the paint color interacts with the lighting in the room, the undertones of the color, and your personal taste, will all have an influence on what this color looks like in the final design.

Thus, these factors should be considered carefully before you make any final decisions.

12 of the best wall colors for gray floors

One of the most important factors to consider when you are choosing a wall paint color, specifically, is that this color will end up being the background of the entire design of the room.

Therefore, you need to ensure that the color that you choose works cohesively with the rest of the design, including elements of the room which you have already decided on or cannot change easily, such as the flooring.

Unfortunately, this process becomes more complicated when the floors that you have in a room are gray.

Though gray flooring is a popular and modern choice, gray colors are notoriously difficult to categorize and are, as a result, difficult to match and work with within a design.

The main reason for this is that gray flooring, whether it is tiles, wood, laminate, vinyl, or concrete floors, all have varying and unique undertones and values.

This is why it is often best to focus on finding a paint color that definitely will not clash, rather than focusing on finding a color that will blend with the floors seamlessly.

The best way to do this is to choose the look and feel that you want for the space and then use this to create contrast with your gray floors from there.

Creating a bold contrast is the best way to ensure that a wall paint color does not clash with your gray floors.

You can create contrast in any space with a warm, cool, or bold look and feel by choosing a warm and light, cool and light, or bold and colorful wall paint color.

Warm, light wall paint colors for gray floors

Choosing a warm but neutral wall paint color that is a few shades lighter than your gray floors will help you create a warm and welcoming look within your space.

However, it will still create enough contrast with your gray floors, so that your walls and floors will never clash.

Some of the most popular paint colors in this category include:

Color Color swatch
Sherwin-Williams Snowbound (7004)
Sherwin-Williams Shoji White (7042)
Jolie Paints Antique White
Prestige Paints 912BM-PCM

Cool, light wall paint colors for gray floors

A gray-on-gray look is often too dull for a regular home, but incorporating a different lighter, cool color on your walls can help you create a modern and calming look and atmosphere with gray flooring.

In this case, it is best to stick to gray-blues, or so-called dusty blues, as these colors tend to work very well with most gray floors. Furthermore, you should stay away from teal, or other kinds of green-toned blue paint colors.

Specific paint colors that fall into this category include:

Color Color swatch
Prestige Paints SW6239-PCM
Sherwin-Williams Mild Blue (6533)
Behr Adirondack Blue

Bold and colorful paint colors for gray floors

If you enjoy being a bit more adventurous with your wall paint choices, you will find that earthy green colors tend to work quite well with gray floors.

This includes colors like Sherwin Williams’s Filmy Green (6190) or Prestige Paints’s SW6204-PCM.

Sherwin-Williams Filmy Green (6190) Prestige Paints SW6204-PCM

Another option would be to choose a moody color for your walls, which is considerably darker than your gray floors.

In this instance, navy paint colors like Prestige Paints’s SW6811-PCM, a charcoal color like Sherwin-Williams’s Gauntlet Gray (7019), or a mixture of both, such as Sherwin-Williams’s Charcoal Blue (2739), should be perfect for your space.

Prestige Paints SW6811-PCM Sherwin-Williams Gauntlet Gray (7019) Sherwin-Williams Charcoal Blue (2739)