11 colors that go with Kendall Charcoal for your home’s interior and exterior

Harmonizing colors with the green undertones of Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal can pose a challenge, given its distinctive dark gray hue.

Benjamin Moore, a reputable paint brand, boasts an extensive range of finishes and colors, renowned for their smooth, vibrant, and durable characteristics, suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

The Kendall Charcoal shade has emerged as a favorite among designers and homeowners, thanks to its deep, dramatic gray tones that bring versatility to interior and exterior color schemes.

However, integrating this dark hue successfully requires thoughtful consideration of complementary colors to prevent the space from feeling too cold or dim.

In order to ensure that this darker color does not make your space feel too cold and dark or overwhelm the other design elements in your space, there are a few wall colors which could help you to add some much-needed contrast and brightness to your space.

Elevating your painting experience: Why choose Benjamin Moore paint?

With a rich history dating back to 1883, has strived to deliver high quality paint to their loyal customer base since then.

The brand has evolved to offer more than 3,400 paint colors, spanning a spectrum from dark to light, providing an extensive palette for customers.

Available in various hardware stores, Benjamin Moore stands out not only for its color versatility but also for its wide range of finishes, including semi-gloss, flat, and eggshell.

However, what truly distinguishes Benjamin Moore as a favorite among homeowners and professionals is not merely its diverse catalog but the exceptional durability and fade-resistance of its paint.

Benjamin Moore achieves this by employing Gennex Color Technology, manufacturing its own colorants designed to seamlessly integrate with other chemicals and mixers.

This results in a consistent, vibrant paint color that retains its intensity even after multiple washes.

The quick-dry formula further sets Benjamin Moore apart, offering one of the best drying times on the market.

This feature not only ensures efficiency during painting projects but also contributes to user-friendly application and a beautiful, smooth finish once the paint is dry.

The brand caters to diverse needs with its range of product lines, ensuring options that align with various budgetary and performance requirements.

From the premium Aura line to the environmentally friendly Natura and the versatile Regal series, down to the budget-friendly Ben Interior line, there’s a Benjamin Moore product for every preference.

Within this extensive range, Kendall Charcoal has emerged as a standout favorite among interior designers, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts.

Its popularity is a testament to Benjamin Moore’s commitment to delivering both quality and style in every paint can.

Why is Kendall Charcoal such a popular color?

Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore (HC-166) has earned its reputation as a highly sought-after dark gray paint color.

The allure lies in its captivating slate-gray tones, accentuated by prominent green undertones, making it a truly distinctive shade in the realm of darker grays.

What sets Kendall Charcoal apart is its dynamic quality—it avoids the dull and flat appearance often associated with other deeper gray shades.

In order to understand the lightness or darkness of a certain color, the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of that color is the best place to start.

The LRV of a color is a value on a scale, where 0 would be pure black, which reflects absolutely 0 percent of light and 100 would be pure white, which would reflect 100 percent of the light which shines on it.

Kendall Charcoal has an LRV of 13, which means that it is very dark, but not quite black.

The infusion of green undertones plays a crucial role in preventing the color from feeling excessively dark and cold. Instead, it exudes a modern and cozy ambiance, especially when paired with bright and neutral hues.

This unique blend of depth and darkness positions Kendall Charcoal as an ideal choice for accentuating various elements, including accent walls, cabinets, vanities, and doors.

Embracing a neutral gray spectrum, Kendall Charcoal’s warmth may intensify under south-facing light and adopt cooler tones in northern-facing light due to its subtle yet impactful green undertones.

This nuanced versatility contributes to Kendall Charcoal’s adaptability, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a refined and captivating dark gray with a touch of modern sophistication.

Colors that go with Kendall Charcoal

This versatility can make Kendall Charcoal a perfect darker paint color choice for both the interior and exterior, but it can be quite tricky to know which other shades will go with this color.

Radiant pairings: Warm and creamy colors to illuminate Kendall Charcoal

Benjamin Moore recommends that you pair Kendall Charcoal with warm, creamy colors.

These combinations will allow you to add some brightness back into the room, but the warmer undertones of the creamy shades ensure that the overall color scheme is well-coordinated and that these colors do not look out of place next to the Kendall Charcoal color.

Some of these creamy colors include:

1. Old World Romance by Benjamin Moore

This is a very soft almost-yellow creamy shade, which will add a warm, romantic feeling to your design.

2. White Vanilla by Benjamin Moore

This is a very soft cream color, which still has some depth to it. This color adds some contrast when placed next to Kendall Charcoal.

3. Mascarpone by Benjamin Moore

This is a very neutral cream color, which will work well for a variety of different interior design styles.

Captivating contrast: White colors that elevate Kendall Charcoal

White colors work well when paired with Kendall Charcoal, as this combination makes for a dramatic contrasting color scheme.

Notably, white colors work especially well on trim, doors and baseboards, since it can give these elements a clean and crisp look, which will help to frame a darker color like Kendall Charcoal.

Alternatively, using these white colors as the dominant color in a room with Kendall Charcoal can help to add a bright and airy feeling back into your design.

Some examples of these white colors include:

4. Pure White by Sherwin Williams

This is a very bright white color. This color ensures that you can create clean and crisp lines, which will have a striking effect when paired with Kendall Charcoal.

5. Oxford White by Benjamin Moore

This color is a good mid-tone if you want to create just a medium amount of contrast with the darker Kendall Charcoal.

6. White Dove by Benjamin Moore

White Dove creates some contrast with Kendall Charcoal, because it is so light, but it is a very soft white color, so it creates less contrast than a brighter white color would.

7. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

This is a very neutral cream color, which will work well for a variety of different interior design styles

Dramatic exterior palette: Elevate your home with Kendall Charcoal

Kendall Charcoal is a great color to use on modern exterior designs. However, in bright natural sunlight, the warmer undertones in this dark gray will really be showcased.

Therefore, it is best to keep the other colors of your exterior fairly neutral, to ensure that they do not clash with these warmer undertones in Kendall Charcoal.

Although you can still use cream and white colors in your exterior paint schemes, there are some tried and tested darker tones that work well to create a dramatic design style for the exterior of your home.

Warm, creamy colors that go with Kendall Charcoal

8. Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore

Swiss Coffee is a white color, which makes the perfect accent to Kendall Charcoal, as it has the same slightly green undertone.

9. Light Pewter by Benjamin Moore

This color is another good lighter color for your external color scheme. This color will not be too stark in natural light, which allows you to use Kendall Charcoal as the accent color in your exterior color scheme.

10. Edgecomb Gray by Benjamin Moore

This color creates some contrast with Kendall Charcoal, but has very prominent warm undertones, which will help you to create a neutral, but inviting color scheme and design for the outside of your house.

11. Whirlpool by Benjamin Moore

This is a slightly cooler gray color, which still leans a little to the beige side and will coordinate well with the darker Kendall Charcoal.

These colors work especially well if you add a creamy accent color into the mix, to add some warmth to the entire design.

Final thoughts

Benjamin Moore‘s reputation for exceptional coverage and color pay-off is magnificently exemplified in darker shades like Kendall Charcoal.

Embraced by homeowners and designers alike, Kendall Charcoal has emerged as a favored choice for injecting contrast and accents into interior designs.

In both interior and exterior applications, these color choices harmonize with Kendall Charcoal’s unique characteristics, resulting in a coordinated and visually pleasing design.

Whether you’re seeking warmth, contrast, or a striking exterior, the possibilities are endless with Kendall Charcoal as your design centrepiece.