10 paint colors that go with dark wood furniture for a striking design

There are several white, blue, green and gray paint colors that will create contrast or harmony when placed in a room with dark wood furniture.

Wood furniture is often considered a good investment, as these pieces will last for years and will give your home a unique flair, which will always be in style.

Adding wood furniture in a darker color to your home’s design is an effective way to create a dramatic and sophisticated design, which will anchor your space.

The paint colors you choose to go along with this darker wood furniture will allow you to either contrast or harmonize with the wood, and create a striking design with a definite look and feel.

The benefits of wooden furniture

Wood has always been among the most popular material choices for furniture. Adding wood and other natural elements to interior spaces is always an effective way to bring the outside, inside.

Choosing wood over other materials for the furniture in your house can have many benefits.

Solid wood furniture is very durable. Harder wood species like walnut, white oak, and cherry are more expensive but if these pieces are expertly crafted, then you will only need wood polish and a rag to keep your furniture looking beautiful for years.

There are also softwood options like pine and cedar, which may dent and scrape more easily, but are much lower in price.

These scratches and dents over the years also often just add a rustic feel to the wooden furniture, instead of making your furniture feel old and damaged. This durability is one of the reasons why wood furniture is such a popular design choice.

The other reason why wooden furniture may appeal to so many people is because of the uniqueness of each individual piece.

Even when wooden furniture is manufactured in a factory where each piece is made with the same shapes and processes, the unique grain and pattern of each individual plank of wood, makes each piece look slightly different from the one before it.

This means that the wooden furniture in your home can be considered unique to you and your home, and as these pieces accumulate scratches and markings over the years, they will just become more and more special to you and your home.

Although wood furniture can last many years, as trends and spaces change, you may want something a bit different after a while.

Luckily, the look of wooden furniture can easily be changed by sanding and refinishing your old favorite pieces.

Dark wooden furniture

Given these benefits, it is easy to understand why someone would want to add wooden furniture pieces into their home’s design, but finding the right pieces can be difficult.

Darker wooden furniture tends to add a sense of seriousness and drama to your space. Darker colors tend to absorb more light within your rooms and this automatically adds a warm ambience to your space.

These darker colors also tend to draw eyes, and this can help you to create intense focal points within your interior designs, especially when you contrast darker furniture with lighter colors.

This makes for a striking design. If you want to anchor and ground a large, open space, using dark wood furniture is the best choice.

Darker colors can make a space feel smaller than it actually is, but if you have a large room, with a lot of light, dark wood furniture can be a good way to make the room feel more inviting and comfortable.

The popularity of darker wood furniture has increased in recent years, because of the sophisticated elegance feeling that these darker pieces can add to your space.

There are various contemporary and more classic gothic styles of dark wood furniture available to suit any design style or preference.

A richer dark brown color can also help to bring a certain sense of liveliness to a room which otherwise feels washed out and stark.

10 paint colors that go with dark wood furniture for a striking design

Dark furniture is a dramatic choice, but choosing the right paint color to pair with your dark wood furniture can have a considerable impact on the look of your room.

White and off-white paint colors that go with dark wood furniture

White and almost-white colors are always a good choice for your interior wall paint colors. These colors are neutral and light, which will brighten up your space and help your dark wood furniture to be the focal point of the room.

Using such light colors in a room with darker furniture is also a good way to ensure that your rooms do not feel too drab and closed off, and the contrast between the lighter paint and the darker furniture will create some visual interest to help your interior design pop.

Some of these white and off-white colors include:

1. Blush off-white. This color will add a subtle warm and feminine feeling to your room. Using this color in a room with dark wood furniture will also make the room feel softer and cleaner.

2. Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is a very soft white. The warm undertones in this color should harmonize with the rich color of dark wood furniture, but the lightness of the color should still brighten up the room

3. Snowfall White by Benjamin Moore is a cooler-toned, icy white color. Using this color in a room with darker furniture will help you to accentuate the clean and contemporary feeling that the dark wood furniture adds to the space.

4. White Dove by Benjamin Moore is a popular shade of white amongst many interior designers. This shade has slightly warm undertones, but is actually very balanced. This means that it will pair well with natural wood finishes, but create enough contrast to still be a neutral backdrop for your furniture.

These white and off-white colors are good paint colors to choose if you are looking for colors to brighten up the room, but still be versatile enough so that you can add other design elements.

If this is what you are looking for, you could easily add dark wood furniture to the space, without having to worry that these pieces will clash with your paint colors.

Blue and green colors that go with dark wood furniture

Blue colors from light to dark work well when paired with darker wood furniture, because of the contrast that the cooler undertones create with the wood.

Psychologically, blue colors can promote a relaxed and spa-like feeling within a room, which makes it an ideal paint color for high-usage spaces within your home.

Some examples of blue shades that will work well with dark wood furniture, include:

5. Aleutian by Sherwin Williams is a cool- toned dusty blue color, which will contrast just enough with the warm undertones of natural wood furniture.

6. Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore is a darker blue color, which will add to the overall drama of the room.

Gray green colors also create a feeling of relaxation in a room with dark furniture, and green colors tend to remind people of nature, which accentuates the more natural vibe of wooden furniture. Some examples of this green color, includes:

7. Kind Green by Sherwin Williams has a strong gray undertone, which will create a very muted and soft look when it is placed next to richer wood colors.

8. Knoxville Gray by Benjamin Moore is a very dark green shade. This shade is a chameleon shade, which means that the color may shift between green and gray depending on the lighting in the room. This balance makes it the perfect shade to create a darker, cozy space when paired with dark wood furniture.

These blue and green colors are a good option if you want to add a splash of color to your space, but still want a relaxed, harmonious design.

Gray paint colors that go with dark wood furniture

Gray colors can be used to emphasize the contemporary and sophisticated mood which dark furniture creates in a room.

However, gray is also considered to be a very neutral color, which means that you will still be able to add other colors and décor items to the room, without the room feeling too overwhelming.

Examples of gray paint colors which will work well includes:

9. Evening Shadow by Sherwin Williams can help to create a relaxed, rustic design when paired with dark wood furniture.

10. Dragon’s Breath by Benjamin Moore is a darker gray option if you want to create a darker feeling room. This color also has some brown tones to it, which will help it to coordinate with dark brown wood colors to create a cohesive color scheme within the space.


The durability, uniqueness and versatility of wooden furniture has always made this material a popular choice and opting for a darker wood tone can add a real sense of drama and modernity to your space.

The paint color you choose for this same space can help you to really complement the look of your darker wooden furniture.

To avoid a room looking too dark if you have wooden furniture, there are several white and off-white paint colors which contrast beautifully with darker wood furniture.

There are also several blue and green paint colors, which can help you to create a more relaxing space, while using a gray paint color could help you to create a very contemporary and welcoming space.